Hi there, Brittani here! Im a Colorado and Destination Wedding photographer. I'm a romantic at heart, cry during movies, commercials and love stories, I can't help it they get me in the feels! I have loved photography most of my life even more so after getting married to my sweetheart Christopher. I knew I didn't want all the fun little moments and memories to fade so my camera became my right hand. I have 3 wonderful children and they are my light and joy in this crazy go go go world. Our family loves to travel and we have been blessed to be able to travel to some amazing places. One of my favorites though still remains to be Canada, as my husband is Canadian born he has taken us to some pretty amazing spots. 

Even though traveling is a big part of our lives, being home together is just as important to me, especially because then we get to snuggle up to our fantastic Newfoundlands. They might slobber a lot but all the love they give is so worth it!

I am a foodie at heart and love trying new things, give me a big plate of pasta though and we are best friends for life! I love reading, movies and of course The Office. It pretty much makes a daily appearance in our lives right along with Harry Potter. 

let's get personal, shall we?

so glad you are here!

As a wedding photographer I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have the precious moments and memories from their Special Day captured in Beautiful Imagery and Storytelling. I love to bring that to life for couples, and love giving my couples a full experience along our whole journey from our first meeting to staying in touch even when the I DO's have been said and the cake has been cut.

Summer Backyard Movie nights, with my family and friends. 

Traveling all over the World with my Family

Cooking and Recipes! I am a little obsessed with Pinterest and finding new recipes to try. Some have been Winners and some...

Newfoundlands! I love those Ginormous Gentle Giants! They have so much love to give and I would have 10 of them if I could! 

Chick Fil A...
Need I say More?

Sitting down to relax and watching The Office...Who doesn't love watching Jim prank Dwight

Reading a good Book series.
Harry Potter is still my Number one! Which House would you be sorted into?

My Favorite Things

fun facts

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xo, Brittani

I am here for you! To help you create a stress free wedding day. One that you can just be in the moment for and enjoy the day with your loved ones! While I capture those timeless and genuine moments that you will cherish forever.