Josh and Kianna | Engaged


Exciting Engagement Session at Clear Creek History Park Golden Colorado

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

What word do you use when describing an adorably cute couple, who love to spend as much time together as possible…Inseparable, Josh and Kianna are just that! This delightful couple has captured my heart! The way that they interact together reminds me so much of the way my husband and I are, and it truly melts my heart!

Wanna Cut Footloose

Their first encounter was a church family home evening activity night, with dancing, and Karaoke. Their Bishop was belting out Footloose while Kianna was dancing by herself until Josh stepped up to ask her dance. They swing danced the night away! After weeks of hanging out, playing foosball and ping pong at the local Community College, Josh finally summoned the courage to ask Kianna out on their first official date. Now, this wasn’t your ordinary dinner and a movie kind of date; it was straight to the archery range for these two, let those arrows fly! After that, it was off to dinner, where Josh learned that Kianna dances while she eats. However, he thought that was super cute! Then it was off to a church class for a faith-building lesson about Jesus Christ, and then you would probably think the night was over, and Josh dropped Kianna off at her house. Think again Josh and Kianna sat on her front porch just talking and learning so much about each other! I love their story because it reminds me of one of those old-time love story movies!

Faith in the Lord

Both Josh and Kianna have powerful testimonies, love, and faith in the Lord. As they were becoming best friends Kianna had plans to go on a Mission for their Church where she would leave for 18 months; Josh had returned from a two-year mission serving in Santiago Chile’s East Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Kianna’s heart was set on serving a mission. The best part is Kianna saying that she wasn’t going to date anyone until she came home from her mission. Little did Kianna know Josh would capture her heart, as much as she would capture his too, however with her strong testimony and abundant faith, Kianna still had her goal to serve a mission and serve she did. She was called to an American Sign Language mission in Anaheim California, where she served for eight months before finding out her dad had been diagnosed with cancer.

Bittersweet but Heartfelt Reunion

Not long after getting the news about her dad, Kianna returned home. She was able to spend a little time with her father before he passed away. But guess who was right there by her side the whole time, her loving Josh — giving her comfort, support, and much laughter when she needed him the most. No one was surprised to hear that Josh wasn’t wasting any time in asking her to be his forever.

The Proposal

Even though they had talked of getting married, Josh wanted the proposal to be a surprise for Kianna; he is always thinking about her! He planned their day up in the quaint little town, of Georgetown Colorado. They walked around the park to an adorable Gazebo, and unknowing to Kianna, Josh’s brother, was in the background taking photos of the question to come. When they made it to the Gazebo, Josh turned on their song Perfect by Ed Sheeran and asked Kianna to dance with him. As the song came to an end, he pulled her into an embrace all the while struggling to get the large ring box out of his pocket, while Kianna wondered what was going on. When Josh finally freed the ring that Kianna had fallen in love with before her leaving on her Mission,  he knelt on one knee and asked Kianna to Marry Him. Josh’s nerves were racing at this moment, even though we all knew she would say yes the moment he asked her. Josh didn’t need to worry because her answer to her sweetheart was a resounding YES! 

They are planning to be Sealed together for Time and All Eternity in the Fort Collins LDS Temple on Saturday, April 27, 2019, as this Temple is very special to Kianna. She was apart of the Temple Celebration as well as the Dedication.  I am beyond blessed and overjoyed to be able to photograph this darling couple as they exit the Temple as Husband and Wife for the first time! 

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