Devin & Kaitlyn


Colorado Summer Wedding

The Millhouse at Philip S Miller Park, Castle Rock Colorado

I am so blessed to have the most fantastic, sweetest couples. Devin and Kaitlyn fit right in with them all! Everyone knows I adore a good love story, and to me, Devin and Kaitlyn’s story is so sweet. From dating in Middle School, sadly drifting apart, reconnecting in High School, and a proposal at sunrise near Echo Lake. Theirs is a love that is obviously meant to be.

As we arrived at the Venue, Devin and Kaitlyn’s family and friends started to set up and decorate. I honestly have no words to describe how wonderful all of these people are. They all had this beautiful positive attitude, and they were all going to do everything they could to make the day memorable. Devin and Kaitlyn, you have so many extraordinary people in your life 🙂

While the decorating took place, Kaitlyn and her Bride tribe arrived at the Millhouse. They were all dressed in the cutest red plaid shirts, with their initials embroidered on them. All except Kaitlyn, her plaid was black and white. I always love the matching robes, but this grabbed my heart. It just fit so perfectly with everything.

The ladies were all getting ready, and we captured all the cute details that we could find. Kaitlyn’s mom, Lauren, told us that the wood centerpieces were cut from her best friend’s tree; Kaitlyn did all the sanding. Kaitlyn’s Aunt and her husband made the hearts with the K&D initials, and Laurens best friend Stephanie, her daughter and Bridesmaid Allison, Bethanee, and Lauren’s mom Jan put the flowers together. So much love and heart went into the decor, and the best part is it was Simple and so fitting to the bride and groom.

The First Looks

Once Kaitlyn was in her wedding dress, we headed out for her Daddy/Daughter First look. We did everything we could to stay in the small patches of shade since it was a typical Colorado summer day, not a cloud in the sky 🙂 That sun was hot! 🙂 Kaitlyn and her dad had a few minutes together, and then it was time for the big reveal. Devin and Kaitlyn’s first look. It was so funny because we got them in place, and then we would have to pause to do something, like fix his shirt, put on his boutonniere, so it took like 15 minutes before Devin got to see his bride. 🙂 It was well worth the wait.

Kaitlyn walked down the sidewalk to Devin, called his name; he turned around, his eyes lit up. Since we made them wait so long for their first look, we gave them a few minutes before jumping right into their portraits. I had so much fun taking photos of these two. Kaitlyn has this adorable giggle that makes her glow, and Devin knows just what to do to get her to giggle. I could have taken photos of them all day…oh wait, I did 🙂

Ceremony Time

Once everyone was seated for the ceremony, the groomsmen headed down the path perfectly spaced, and then the bridesmaids made their way down in perfect sync as well. While Lauren, Kaitlyn’s Mom, and Angela, Devin’s mom, were wiping away sweet tears. Everyone stood as Kaitlyns’ dad, Jason, escorted her down the aisle. Their ceremony was beautiful and full of love. Plus, the Pasture is the same Pasture that married Lauren and Jason, Kaitlyn’s mom and dad. My favorite part, though, is when they finally get to say “I DO.” You can see the joy and happiness on their faces and everyone else.

From their first dance to the shoe game, the rest of the afternoon was full of relaxed fun, laughter, and love. Their friends and family from all over the United States were there to show their love and support. With music and dancing, the evening came to an end. It was time for the newlyweds to head out. Everyone gathered out front to send them off and wave goodbye. Devin and Kaitlyn stepped out of the Millhouse to cheers, congratulations, and TONS of Bubbles!!!!! It was so exciting, and as Devin paused to kiss his wife, everyone shouted and cheered.

Devin and Kaitlyn, I am beyond grateful that I spent the day with you and your wonderful family and friends capturing your best day! I wish you all the love and joy in the world and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the two of you. Congratulations!!!

We love meeting and working with excellent, loving couples like Kaitlyn and Devin. Are you planning your dream wedding? We would love to chat with you to see how we can capture your love story and best day ever! Let’s Chat!!!!

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

Venue | The Millhouse at Philip S Miller Park

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