Jessica & Gina


Colorado Summer Engagement Session

Lionsgate Event Center

When Madeline at Lionsgate Event Center, (one of my favorite venues) reached out to me inquiring about Jessica and Gina’s wedding date, I was super excited that we were available and even more excited when she reached back out and let me know they wanted to book! The best part was meeting Jessica and Gina in person; they are so much fun and positive to be around. We met up at their first date location, Liquid Mechanics, in Lafayette, Colorado. Super cool little brewery; we didn’t know when we got there that there was a live band playing that evening. 🙂 However, that live band was excellent; 90’s music truly is the best!

Planning for their engagement session was pretty easy since they wanted to do it at Lionsgate Event Center, which also happens to be their wedding venue. I knew they wanted photos that show their fun and loving personalities together, and you know that’s something I always gravitate toward! I love laughter and seeing our couples being in love! Of course though, I had to ask if we could throw in a few of our Romantic poses as well 🙂 So, as we prepared for their Lionsgate engagement session, I grew more excited by the day to spend time with them and document their captivating love story. What is most incredible about this pair is their undeniable love for each other. It’s tender and sweet, but you can also see the passion and devotion to each other. It gets me in the heartstrings! 🙂

First Date and Proposal

As I had mentioned earlier, Jessica and Gina’s first time meeting in person and first date after exchanging messages on was at Liquid Mechanics. When Jessica walked in with the smile that first captured Gina’s attention on match, Gina was waiting at the bar. Because it was a Monday, even though they could have sat there all night talking, they closed their tab, and Gina whistled to hail a cab in true New York fashion. 🙂

As for the proposal, I wish I could have seen it! Picture this; it’s their four-year anniversary, December at the Blossom of Lights; I love Holiday lights,…so romantic and sweet 🙂 After a bit of stage fright, Jessica found a quiet bench away from the crowd and dropped to one knee; with tears in her eyes and three words in, Gina asked, “why are you crying?” 🙂 but of course, she said YES!!!

Sweet Something

One of my favorite things when getting to know our couples is asking them what their three favorite things about each other are. Jessica and Gina’s answers seriously brought tears to my eyes because of their sincereity in them.

Jessica says her three favorite things about Gina are…
“1) Even though she is older 😉 she is absolutely young at heart. She never let’s anything be boring, and she has more energy than I do!
2) She’s selfless in every bit of way
3) Her sense of humor and her love of sports
BONUS: those dimples.”

Gina says her three favorite things about Jessica are…
“1) Jessica’s smile. No matter how bad the day is, one look at that smile, and everything melts away and makes me feel so at ease.
2) Her positive outlook and high happy set point. She’s always in a good mood and starts my day off on the right foot ALWAYS. It’s contagious and infectious, and who doesn’t want to feel good all the time. We laugh all the time, and even when we’re trying to go to sleep, we’re giggling like children. We just always have a great time together.
3) We have a lot in common, like our love of food, sports, travel. We compliment each other, and I think each of our weaknesses are the others strength.”

So here we are now with their wedding day on the horizon, and so excited to capture their special day. From everything they’ve told me about their celebration, I can’t wait. We are doing a First Look ( YAY); they have a string quartet…and in October, you never know if we will have an 80-degree day or snow…it’s going to be incredible! I can’t wait to see it all come to life!

I love photographing engagement sessions; the most important thing I can do as your photographer is to create the images of your dreams that bring your personalities to life, so delivering on these wishes is so rewarding! But let’s be honest: how could the photos be anything less than stunning with a super fun and adorable pair like Jessica and Gina in front of the lens!

Whether these images become the save the dates on the fridges of their loved ones or just the art decorating their home, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to tell Jessica and Gina’s love story during their laughter-infused Lionsgate engagement session.

Jessica and Gina, Congratulations on your engagement! I hope the rest of your wedding planning experience is effortless and filled with joy! It is an honor to be your photographer, and I am so grateful for you and your outstanding personalities and love for each other! Now it’s time to check out some of my favorites from our time together!

Are you looking to take engagement photos of your own? Let’s chat about how we can fill a gallery with engagement photos you’ll treasure!

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