Dustin & Kayla


Wintery Colorado Engagement

South Mesa Trail, Boulder Colorado 2024

We are so excited to introduce and celebrate Dustin and Kayla. I just had to spill the tea about their incredible engagement session. One of the most heartwarming engagement sessions I’ve had the pleasure of capturing. It was an absolute blast! We met up at the South Mesa trail in Boulder, Colorado, and despite the wind doing its best to steal the show, the weather was just perfect for a February day. Oh, and you won’t believe this – they even brought their Avs jerseys! We made sure to snap some shots to show off their team spirit (GO AVS!). But here’s the cherry on top: They are so in love and incredible together; it’s like watching a Romantic Hollywood movie in real time.🎉📸💍

The Unseen Threads: How They Met

Have you ever heard of the invisible string theory? Well, Dustin and Kayla’s love story is a real-life example of it. Despite growing up in the same area and hanging around in similar social circles, their paths never quite intersected until fate decided to play matchmaker.

Their first encounter? A casual hangout at Dustin’s house, courtesy of mutual friends. Little did they know destiny had more in store for them. Fast forward two years to a chance reunion at a friend’s birthday bash, and the sparks began to fly. Side note: Dustin was fashionably late…an after-work nap might have been the culprit. But Kayla did remember his face and his name.

After hours of heartfelt conversations in a Chick-fil-A parking lot (yes, you read that right), they knew they were onto something special. And the best part? Kayla told Dustin he had to officially pop the “Will you be my girlfriend?” question and not Assume she knew they were dating. It’s a real-life Hollywood love story.

A Proposal Fit for Champions

Hold onto your seats, folks, because Dustin’s proposal game was nothing short of legendary. Picture this: box seats at an Avalanche Playoff game, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. As Kayla innocently walked into what she thought was a regular AVS evening, she was met with the surprise of a lifetime: Dustin, down on one knee, ready to make her his forever teammate. Cue the waterworks!

Love at First Click: Their Epic Engagement Session

All of that leads us to now…Picture this: South Mesa trail in Boulder, Colorado, a picturesque wintery backdrop, and two lovebirds ready to embark on their engagement session journey. Despite the wind adding a touch of drama (thank you, Colorado weather!), Dustin and Kayla brought nothing but sunshine with their infectious energy.

Dustin and Kayla had mentioned a little about maybe having some “camera shyness,” but let me tell you, they channeled their inner supermodels like pros. Every pose, every glance, every smile was pure magic. It was as if they had a built-in radar for the perfect shot. Needless to say, I was living for it! Outfit choices fit their personalities perfectly, and Kayla’s makeup was on point- STUNNING!!

I couldn’t help but do a little happy dance when Dustin and Kayla whipped out their jerseys. Trust me; it was a goal-worthy moment.

In Love and Adventure

What’s the secret ingredient to Dustin and Kayla’s love potion? Well, it’s a delightful blend of gentle souls, selflessness, outgoing personalities, and a whole lot of adventure. From jamming out at concerts to embarking on culinary escapades, these two are the epitome of a dynamic duo. With Dustin’s love language being physical touch and Kayla’s being acts of service, they’ve mastered the art of loving each other in every way possible.

And there you have it: Dustin and Kayla’s engagement session was nothing short of a fairytale come to life. We are incredibly grateful to be a part of their journey and to witness their love story unfold. With their infectious energy and genuine connection, I do not doubt that their wedding day in September at Lionsgate Event Center will be nothing short of spectacular. I can already envision the laughter, the tears of joy, and the unforgettable moments we’ll capture together. Dustin and Kayla, thank you for inviting us along for the ride – We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of your love story. Let’s make some magic happen! 🌟📸💕


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