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Catholic Spring Wedding at Immaculate Heart of Mary

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

May the 4th be with You!

You guessed it Tyler and Linda started dating on May 4th, got engaged on May 4th and were married  …MAY 4th! However they did not have a Star Wars themed wedding, but we did play around with some photos, and gave them a little Star Wars flare! Like the Death Star, Ewoks, and of course the full cast…but that’s another story. This story is all about Tyler and Linda

When I asked Tyler and Linda questions about their love story, there were so many times where they spoke of it as “our journey.” I can’t tell you how much I adore that because they are right, it’s not just a story with a Happy Ending, it indeed is a journey that will have its ups and downs, trials and joy, but most of all it will have their love and faith in each other. Like many beautiful journeys, they started as friends, and throughout the course of a year, they realized something special was blossoming. 

The way Linda describes the love they share is astounding, you can actually feel the love in her words….”undeniably powerful” “electric and strong” “soulmates,” and when you see them together, you see these words come to life. 

After a year of courting… ( I love that word ) Tyler planned the most thoughtful proposal. They started out spending time in Grand Lake Colorado. Which is one spectacular and two very dear to Linda. With fantastic views and that small-town hospitality, Grand Lake was a perfect setting for his Epic proposal.

Tyler had planned a Hike to Adams Falls, yet another cherished spot for Linda, and even though the ground was covered with snow and ice, they forged there way to the second fall. Tyler set Linda upon a large boulder so that way she was perched above him, he pulled out the ring and asked Linda to be his Forever…Linda’s description of how she answered is priceless…”I immediately started ugly crying, shouted YES, and kissed him with all my might”. I’m pretty sure we all have had an ugly cry or two, I know I have. But the best is yet to come because while still sitting on the rock, Tyler went to place the ring on Linda’s finger and they almost fell backward off the boulder. Thank Heavens they were fine and still laugh about it to this day! 

That is a magical memory they will have together forever! They both agree that they plan to take their future children on the same hike to show them the spot where not only did “mom” and “dad” almost fall off a boulder but the spot where “Dad” gave “Mom” a rock on a rock! 

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