Ethan & Sabrina | Engaged!


Winter Wonderland Engagement at Belmar Park, Lakewood Colorado

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

Have you ever noticed how sometimes things just always seem to work out! One of the things I absolutely love is when you get to watch 2 people grow and mature over the years and then find each other. I have known Ethan and Sabrina for many years. They were both in High School when I met Ethan’s family and when I met both of them. Ethan was actually in Christopher and my Sunday School class at church. He would often bring Sabrina with him. We truly enjoyed having Sabrina join Ethan in our class. They were both pretty quiet then but the genuine spirit they brought is something I will never forget.

We met Ethan’s family at church as well and became so close to them. We even consider them part of our family. When Ethan and Sabrina announced their Engagement, we were all so excited! The sweetest thing is they wanted to wait to get married. This way Ethan’s sister Rebekah would be home from her LDS Mission. They wanted her to be able to be there for the wedding. So they have planned an October 2019 wedding. I am beyond excited and blessed that they asked me to be their photographer. 

It all Started in High School

Ethan and Sabrina met in their High School Theater program. However it was underneath a star-filled sky, sitting next to a lake and talking, that is where the magic began.

Ethan and Sabrina’s proposal story is so unique to who they are. With a love for Nature, it was only fitting that their day began with a hike to a lake. 

It was Sabrina’s 24th Birthday and Ethan had everything planned out. They were going on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park to Gem Lake. Close to the top of a steep incline Sabrina was getting tired and worried she wouldn’t make it. But with the loving encouragement from Ethan, they made it together to the lake. In the peaceful quiet, they enjoyed the breathtaking views and one another’s company. Ethan pulled Sabrina into an embrace and she commented on his racing heartbeat. He then got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! With tears in her eyes, Sabrina replied… YES! As they stood there embracing each other, tears filling both their eyes a Pink Lady butterfly came to bless them. Circling around these two beautiful people sending joy and encouragement before flying away.

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