Cameron and Megan | Married


What do you get when motivation and drive meet an openness and a desire to experience new things? A lively couple who are ready to take on the world! Cameron and Megan are definitely that couple! Their Love Story began online, and after a little while of chatting there, Cameron asked Megan out on the first of many dates. They went to a downtown Provo cafe, Guru’s, where they both ordered the same Asian Chicken salad…Kismet… I think so because from that day on they were almost inseparable! That chicken salad set them on their journey, well maybe it was more like the company and conversation set them on their way. Four months later, Cameron knew it was time.

The Proposal…

Hollywood has done a pretty good job of giving us some grand proposals! However, the difference between the movies and real-life, is when that perfect time comes, there’s nothing like it. Because in reality, it is ten times better then we could have ever expected. And more meaningful than anything Hollywood could have thought up.

The day Cameron proposed, Megan was hanging out in Colorado spending time with her family. Cameron, as she knew, was working in Utah. When Megan’s dad came home, he called her up to let her know he needed help getting the “groceries.” To Megan’s surprise, it wasn’t groceries waiting for her in the car. That afternoon Cameron took Megan to the beautiful City Park in Downtown Denver. They walked around for a little while enjoying each other’s company, chatting and having a lovely time. Then Cameron lead Megan to a secluded area in the trees so they could have a little privacy. This is where the magic happens! He got down on one knee and asked Megan to marry him, without any doubt Megan answered YES!

The Wedding

When you think of destination weddings, most would think of some lush tropical paradise or standing outside the Eiffel Tower, maybe even saying I do next to a beautiful lake in Italy. For Megan and Cameron that destination was Regina Saskatchewan Canada, where they chose to be sealed in the LDS Temple. Why Saskatchewan of all places you ask, well its actually a very simple and beautiful reason. Megan grew up traveling to Saskatchewan with her family on hunting trips where they would stay at a close family friend’s farm. Family is very important to both Megan and Cameron, and for Megan Saskatchewan always felt like her home away from home. So Canada it was! As an added bonus their long-time family friend Chuck would be the one to marry them in the Temple! 

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