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Dreams Do Come True

How do you spell Love?…You don’t spell Love, You feel it!

It truly is a Small World After All. For Justin and Brittany, little did they know their small world would start in Preschool at the age of four. But their adventure together wouldn’t begin until they found each other again just a few years ago. What makes this wedding so fantastic for me is I was there when they met. I was one of their preschool teachers. Now I am here with them photographing their wedding. It also helps that they are family, Justin is my nephew! 

I love my Nephew so much, and I am so proud of the decisions he has made in his life. Knowing what he wanted to do, he joined the Army right after Highschool. He has traveled the world with his military job and just resigned to stay in the military. To me, it takes a strong person to marry someone in the military. Being understanding of potentially having to move a lot, knowing that deployment could be right around the corner, long days and sometimes even longer nights. Also not being able to talk to your sweetheart when they are on duty and the constant worry that they will be safe.

I believe Justin found this in Brittany! She is a strong, understanding woman and will be able to handle the ups and downs of being a military wife. Watching my nephew grow in the military, I have so much respect for them and their families. I love Justin and Brittany so much!

Arriving at the Manor House

On August tenth at eight in the morning, we pulled up to the Closed gates of the Manor House Wedding Venue. Located in the Ken Caryl foothills of Colorado. My heart skipped a beat and I had to stop and take a few breaths. Because in just a few hours Justin and Brittany would be saying “I DO.” I would soon be gaining a niece who I adore!

The Manor House is one of those venues that you dream of. The southern style large white column porch with rocking chairs and flowers, gorgeous seating areas, and a library that even I want to replicate in my own house. Plus they have the coolest grooms area with leather chairs, a pool table, and even a shower. The bride’s area was fantastic, with large bright windows, a drop-dead gorgeous full body mirror, and gorgeous couches. Every bride should have a place like that to get ready in! If offered the most amazing natural light to create stunning photos of our beautiful Bride. Not only is it a bride and Grooms dream venue but photographers as well! 🙂 

Their First Look!

Justin and Brittany’s wedding was so unique, they themed it with Disney and Star Wars. Yes, I know Disney owns Star Wars, but for me, it will always be a bit separate :). Brittany handmade all of her princess bouquets using pages from Disney stories and gorgeous glitter paper. Justin purchased Star Wars helmets for his Groomsmen to decorate. They had so many little nods to their love for Disney; it was adorable. I feel that the best one was the pin that Brittany gave to Justin during their First Look. Right before the first look, Justin and Brittany had a moment by the door to hold each other’s hand, a moment to breath in that soon they would be husband and wife.

Once they were ready and Brittany was standing by the door to the Balcony, she called Justin’s name. He turned around to see his beautiful bride; I don’t think I have ever seen my nephew smile as big as he did at that moment. As he took in seeing his soon to be wife for the first time, he couldn’t stop smiling.

The best part was when Brittany took off his boutonniere and replaced it with a Grape Soda pin made out of a bottle cap. For those of you who have seen or know the story of Disney’s film UP, you understand the significance of that pin and the love that symbolizes! Just like in the movie, Brittany pinned the badge onto Justin’s suit. Her eyes beamed, and her smile was radiant. She looked at him with so much love and told him that he was now apart of their very own club. The rest I will leave for them to cherish between the two of them forever. I was going to share everything she said to him, but some things need to be private sometimes. 

It’s Time to Say ” I Do”

Finally, when 10:00 in the morning finally arrived, it was time for their Happily Ever After to begin. With views of Downtown Denver off in the distance, beautiful foothills in the other direction and friends and family seated, the Bridal party made their entrance to the back patio. As the tune shifted from Marry Me, to When You Wish Upon a Star, Brittany and her dad Bill made the Grand Entrance, all eyes were on Brittany! Once Bill handed Brittany’s hand to Justin, their newest adventure was starting! Brittany’s Papa Dave officiated the wedding with words of encouragement, advice, and love. Then Brittany and Justin exchanged their very own vows filled with so much love and joy for their future together. 

Most importantly, As the morning went on, so many people came to congratulate these two love birds! Justin had a whole table full of his Army family, who traveled up from Colorado Springs, friends and family traveled from Los Angeles, North Carolina and all over the state of Colorado to celebrate with Justin and Brittany. It indeed was a magical day filled with love, smiles, and tons of laughter even as they couldn’t help themselves to smash their cake into each other’s faces. 

I am beyond excited that my nephew found such a beautiful and wonderful woman to share his life with! I love you both so much! 

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