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In the valley of Ogden Utah, at the majestic and beautiful LDS Ogden Temple. As you step onto the grounds of the Temple, a quiet peace overcomes your mind and soul. It’s a beautiful place to reflect and to feel the joy and happiness life has to give us. On this day, January 25th, 2020, Rob and Crystal will have their sealing, surrounded by family and friends.

It might have started as a hustle-bustle morning, trying to get everyone ready. Hair needed to be combed, makeup needed to be applied. Finally, everything also required to be taken to the cars for the reception following the sealing. Even snapping a few photographs to capture some of these memories was priceless.

As Crystal’s daughter Brianna did her mom’s hair and made up, the Groom was pinning the boutonnieres to the boys. As the last curl was perfecting the time had quickly arrived to head to the Temple.

At the Ogden Temple

Friends and Family gathered at the Temple to join in and be a part of Rob and Crystal’s big day. The Sealing room was full! As the sealing came to an end, we made sure to hustle outside to get some photos of the kids waiting for their Mom and Rob to exit the Temple as Husband and Wife. Family and Friends mingled just outside the Temple doors, sharing stories and jokes. Then the time came to Congratulate Rob and Crystal as they exited the Temple.

We all stood there, cheering for them when they walked out. It was essential to Crystal that we took lots of pictures at the Temple. So as soon as we finished the big group and Family formals, it was their time to shine! So we walked around Temple grounds taking photos every chance we got. However, my favorite spot on Temple grounds that day was the reflecting pool. The water was calm, and the reflection was gorgeous!

After many photos, we headed to the reception to celebrate some more with their friends and family. While there, the most beautiful pink and purple sunset highlighted the mountains. It was a breathtaking sight and one that I couldn’t resist snagging Rob and Crystal for just a few more photos.

Christopher and I were honored to photograph their wedding, but I think one of my favorite things from all of this were some of the answers they gave to some of the questions I had sent them to fill out. They were so heartfelt, and even though some were short you could feel the love behind them!

It’s a Utah and Colorado Reception

Rob and Crystal know a ton of people, plus they have Family in Utah and Colorado. So they got to celebrate not once but twice. On February 8th, they celebrated their sealing with their Colorado Family and Friends. The decorations Crystal made were astounding; it was a great blend of Romantic and Rustic. She picked the perfect colors that complimented each other perfectly, and their wedding cake by Elevate Cakes was gorgeous! She even created a groom’s cake specifically for Rob’s love of hockey! What astounds me the most is Crystal created her Bouquet, the flower wreaths her girls carried, the corsage that Barb Rob’s sister wore, and all the boutonnieres. The colors and textures she used were brilliant together.

My Favorite Things

Crystal and Rob have so much love for each other. So I asked them What is your favorite thing about each other? Grab your tissues because I know I did…
“My favorite things about Rob? He is THE MOST Authentic person I have EVER MET!! He is beyond honest and faithful. I love who he’s been and how it’s made him who he is today. He strives daily to be a good man. He serves so many people and has such genuine relationships with so many people. He’s super smart! I feel safe and a sense of security when with him. He can fix ANYTHING. He’s creative and works hard. Rob gets me, and values his priesthood. He strives always to be a qualified worthy holder of his priesthood. He has good intentions and has taken the time to know each of my children individually and loves and supports each of them. I trust him with everything I am and have.
❤ He fills my heart and makes me happy daily.”

“My Favorite thing about Crystal, she brings a calming peace to our relationship,” so simple and so heartfelt.

To this day, Asher and Crystal’s friend Annette both take credit for the two of them meeting, but we all know it was Crystals Soup… ( make sure to read Rob and Crystal | Engaged to hear the SOUP STORY!)

I wish Rob and Crystal all the love, happiness, and joy in the world. They both deserve it so much!

  1. Barbara Howell says:

    What dear memories of such a marvelous day. You captured things so beautifully!

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