A Gillenwater in the Making


I love the times in life where we get to be truly surprised! Like a first kiss, the first time you say I love you. How about when the man of your dreams gets down on one knee, and you say yes. Then that moment you look at the pregnancy test not knowing what to expect, and it reads positive…Right then, there are so many emotions running through your heart and mind. No matter how much planning you did when that positive shows up or to hear the doctor confirm “Yes you are pregnant” the whirlwind of emotion is real. Just like it was for Kaylee and Matt when they found out that they were going to be parents! I love their whole story from the beginning when they started dating, to their engagement on through their wedding. And now this fantastic beautiful new season of life for them. 

When Matt and Kaylee found out they were pregnant, it was one of those moments in life that they were not expecting, but it was one of those moments that made them so excited 🙂 Finding out you’re going to be a parent is one of the most exciting, joyful and terrifying times. Kaylee and Matt are going to make wonderful, adoring, strong parents.

It was so precious how they announced Baby Gillenwater, a Save the Date Arrival. They created an “shhh they don’t know yet” sign for their fur babies, and a photo of the ultrasound. If you think that was cute, the Gender Reveal for Baby Gillenwater was epic! I adore super fun, and creative gender reveals.

The Epic Baby Shower

They colored a dozen eggs, six pink, and six blue all hard-boiled except for 1. Now you would think that they smashed the eggs against a wall or the ground right…Nope, not Kaylee and Matt. They smashed the eggs on their forehead till they were surprised with the one that wasn’t hard-boiled.

They made it through 10 eggs all hard-boiled and were down to their last four, two blue and two pinks. Matt picked up one of the blue slammed it to his forehead, and runny raw yolk burst out all over him…Baby Gillenwater is a BOY!!!! With whoops and cheers from their family and friends, they celebrated their baby boy Wyatt Jack Gillenwater who is due August 20th, 2019. So with cravings of cinnamon rolls ( good desire to have YUM) 🙂 they await the arrival of their precious baby boy.

I asked Kaylee if the name they picked had a special meaning or if they just liked it. She brought me to tears when she told me that everyone used to call her Grandpa Jack, even though his name is John. Her grandpa is still alive, she visits him every Monday and her Grandpa told her his motivation to stay alive is to meet his Great Grandson. ( yep I grabbed my tissues then!) Before you think to wipe the tears from your eyes Kaylee sent me some photos of her grandpa leaning his head on her belly. You could see how special a moment it was in that photo. 

Early Morning Mosquito Photo Session

I was so excited when Kaylee asked me if I would do their maternity session. I just knew we would get some fantastic, loving photos! When we started to set a date and location, Kaylee really wanted some images to be with her and Matt standing in water. I thought oh that’s easy we live in Colorado there are lakes, rivers, and creeks all over the place. However, Colorado had her own agenda. With the incredible amounts of snow and late spring, we had this year the snowmelt has all the rivers raging. Most of the lakes you can’t swim or enter unless its a reservoir or designated for such things.

So I was on a hunt to help make these water photos happen. With the help of a friend, I found a creek in Boulder that didn’t have crazy raging waters. It was a little more than ankle-deep where we would be going. So at Sunrise, we headed to our location and got started. With the flatirons as our backdrop, nothing could go wrong…and nothing did go “wrong” we just were eaten up by mosquitos 🙂 It’s funny because you don’t really think about bug spray at five o clock in the morning. But regardless Kaylee and Matt were troopers, and we took some gorgeous photos.

Then it was time to get in the water 🙂 The amazingly cold water takes your breath away even though your ankle deep kind of water. Needless to say, they didn’t stay in too long, we got our photos and then out the came. Even though it was super early and poor Matt was tired and ready to go back to bed, they looked fantastic with the best attitudes and were just so much fun to be around. I can’t wait to meet Baby Wyatt and to see their family grow. 


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