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Our Love Story gets its Happy Ending…or should I say Beginning

August 18, 2007, is the day that I married my Best Friend, Travel Buddy, and Love of my life! While planning our wedding, we both agreed we wanted something fun! We wanted people to enjoy our day and to celebrate it with us. So everything we planned revolved around what would make us and the kids smile! He wanted my kids to enjoy this day as much as we would. ( I knew I found a keeper)

Christopher and I were married in the Denver LDS Temple, with all of our family and friends’ support and love. It was a morning ceremony, so we had to be at the Temple pretty early. As we were in the Temple for our sealing, our friends and family were enjoying the beauty of the Temple Grounds.

To make everyone feel included in our day, we planned a Ring Ceremony. This way we could exchange our wedding rings later during our reception. We wanted all of our family and friends to feel every bit involved. We also got a huge surprise for our wedding. Christopher’s dad who lives in Taiwan was not sure he would be able to make it out. But a few days before our wedding he told us he was able to come. So the first time I would meet my Father in Law was just a day before our wedding.

After we left the Temple as Husband and Wife, we greeted everyone that came to the Temple to support us. Our wedding photographer Jeff Weber, was so fantastic getting all of the beautiful moments we were sharing with everyone. We are so blessed that we had Jeff there for us. Once we left the Temple we headed to the Church for our Ring Ceremony and Reception.

The ring ceremony was extraordinary. It was an opportunity for our Bishop to explain what a Sealing Ceremony in the Temple is. We were already husband and wife. But we wanted to exchange our wedding rings as a symbol of our love in front of everyone. Especially those who could not attend the Temple. Now Christopher is not a big fan of PDA! After we exchanged rings and our Bishop said Kiss, your Bride, Christopher threw his arms around me for a big hug instead! It was quite comical, don’t worry though because then I got an actual Wedding Day Kiss.

With whoops and cheers from our family and friends, the party began. Unfortunately, no one ever told us how fast the day would go. Or that we wouldn’t really get a chance to eat anything because we would be too busy. ( We finally ate at 11 pm at our Hotel) We danced, we kissed, we talked with everyone, and then we danced some more and it was glorious! 

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