Wedding Day is over, and we are ready for our Honeymoon! At first, Christopher and I were planning a simple getaway somewhere in the Mountains of Colorado. The majority of our wedding we paid for ourselves, and honestly, we didn’t have much to spend on an extravagant honeymoon. But we were ok with that! It’s the simple things in life that we love, 7-11 Slurpees, Midnight Milkshake runs, cuddling up for a movie we’ve seen 100 times, backyard fires, and more. So when Christopher’s sister gifted us their timeshare to be able to go somewhere for our honeymoon we honestly felt so blessed.

We had the pick of a few different places New York City, somewhere in Arkansas, and Lake Tahoe Nevada. Our first choice right off the bat was New York City! We both wanted to go. We knew our days would be full of traveling all over and trying to see everything we could! New York was our choice and that was that We were so excited, Big Apple here we come!

Then we got the news that New York was not available for the week we would be taking our Honeymoon. I was so sad because I really wanted to go to Time Square, Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and the list went on and on but it was ok. Instead, we added it to our bucket list of places we would travel to in the future. Our other Honeymoon destination options were…Arkansas ( I had NO clue what we would do there ) or Lake Tahoe Nevada, I knew of a few things there. Christopher had been to Tahoe before snowboarding, so he suggested Tahoe, and quite frankly Tahoe sounded a little more exciting and Romantic then Arkansas. Absolutely NOTHING against Arkansas.

So we decided on our new honeymoon destination with fingers crossed, and the verdict came back that YES Tahoe was available. WOOHOO! So back to the Wedding Day is over part. Christopher and I barely ate anything during our wedding day. We were so busy walking around talking, dancing and just having a blast. Then 11 pm rolled around, we had finally made it to the Hotel and we were famished!

Of course, everything was closed except the hotel bar so chicken fingers and french fries it was. We finally saw our hotel room at around 12:30 am. I will leave the rest of the details out! Up bright and early in the morning we shuttled to the Denver Airport and headed for Lake Tahoe. Christopher’s sister lives close to San Francisco so we decided we would fly into San Fran, drive to Tahoe for a few days and then spend the last two days in San Fran visiting all the funky and fascinating tourist spots with his sister. It was like a two for one honeymoon! 

Off to Tahoe

You see photos of Lake Tahoe and your like Oh that’s so beautiful; Pictures do not do it justice. When we got in range to see the Lake I was in awe of one, how big it was and two, just how beautiful it and the surrounding area was. Our hotel was right on the Nevada, California Sates line, so we were bouncing back and forth between the two. We made it to the Nevada side to try our luck with the 5 dollar bill we had; we’re not gamblers. However, we won $11 so we went and bought midnight milkshakes, we’re not drinkers either. The next morning I was able to talk the lady, who was running the Gondola, into giving us a discount since we were on our Honeymoon. She said she thought we were cute, thoughtful and super polite so why not. 

We are travelers and tourists at heart and so every day was an adventure for us. We looked for new things to do and even though we had free access to the Beach at the Lake we only went two times. Lake Tahoe water is COLD! Even in August. We did rent a Sea-Doo and whipped around on that for a few hours. That was a blast, I loved driving that thing all over, and Christopher was so gracious he even gave up some of his driving time to let me have more.

We explored some hikes, literally hugging trees they were HUGE and we wanted to see how far we could get our arms around them. Yes, you can call us nerds it’s ok. We took the drive over to Carson City Nevada for an old-time western, gunslinging, bank-robbing cowboy show. The Sherif made sure Christopher was taking good care of me. Then we headed to a hot springs resort to soak in and relax. We love hot springs and always try to find some whenever we travel. 

Tahoe was such a fantastic time, and spending it with my husband was more then I could have ever wanted! 

Next Stop San Francisco

We made it to San Fran and got right into tourist mode by heading straight to Pier 39. Who can resist, seals, fresh seafood, caricatures, Ripleys Believe or Not Museum, and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Yep we accomplished all of that in one day! I would go back in a heartbeat and do that all again! We were like kids in a candy store with so much to do in such a small area. That evening we met up with Christopher’s sister Bella and her Husband Pj for dinner and to stay at their house.

The next day Bella was gracious enough to play the tour guide. She took us to all the iconic tourist spots in San Fran. We, of course, did Lombard street, headed back to the Pier for the freshest fish and chips and clam chowder in a homemade bread bowl. We stopped in at the Painted Ladies houses, or the Full House houses if you know that TV show.

Bella took us to one of the many spots to view the Golden Gate Bridge; she said this spot was one of the main tourist ones because it has the gift shop, but it also has one of the cables the use on the bridge. It’s incredible when you see the cable because they don’t look as thick as they are when your driving past them, but WOW it really did blow my mind. After the bridge, we headed down to the Fort underneath the Bridge.

Did you know there was a fort down there? Neither did I, till Christopher told me. Fort Point is its name, and it defended San Francisco during the Gold Rush and WWII, just a little history for you. The one thing we were not able to do was Alcatraz; we didn’t realize that it books out weeks in advance, so we put it on our list for the next time we would be visiting good ole San Francisco. 

After all the touring around, between Tahoe and San Francisco, I can say we had a pretty Epic honeymoon. I am sure we will make it back to those two places in the future. I am just grateful that we got to spend time with each other and explore together. Until our next adventure …

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