Josh and Brenda | Engaged


Exciting Spring Engagement in Fort Collins Colorado

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

If someone told you that you would meet the ONE, the amazing person you were going to marry, in Middle School, would you believe them? I don’t think Josh and Brenda would have either. Here we are years later and guess whos getting MARRIED…:)  The first time Brenda met Josh was in gym class, he was next to her in the attendance line, but it wouldn’t be for a while that they would start dating and pretty sure that the thought of “that will be the man I marry” ever crossed Brenda’s mind then. We have known Josh for a VERY long time, and have watched him grow up into an incredible man. We had the opportunity to get to know Josh in his teenage years through church activities, and then he also played on our Rugby team that Christopher coached for a few seasons.

It would be 2017 when Josh and Brenda started dating, and Josh would tell you that Brenda kept telling him No until 2017. When Josh introduced us to Brenda at his brother Zach’s graduation party, I absolutely loved her right away. She had this spunky personality that kept Josh in check 🙂 she was so sweet to everyone and our youngest daughter Nevaeh ( Josh calls Yeknom but that story is for another day) thought she was the greatest! Since we had never met any of Josh’s other girlfriends, we were pretty excited about Brenda. For two years, we watched as Josh and Brenda lived their lives happily and together, secretly in the back of minds hoping that one day Josh would POP the question. Little did we all know he already had it in the works. 

The Proposal

On what Brenda thought was going to be a relaxing spa weekend to Glenwood Springs Colorado, Josh was ready! What do Coloradans do when they go to the Mountains…Hike of course! Josh took Brenda hiking to the Hanging Lake trail. If you have never heard of or never been to Hanging Lake it needs to be a must do, must see kind of excursion if you are ever in Colorado. Back to the important stuff…Josh and Brenda! On the hike up by Hanging Lake there’s a fantastic waterfall called Spouting Rock, Josh pulled Brenda aside to this very iconic waterfall, got down on one knee and proposed. As soon as Brenda saw what he was holding in his hand the tears began to fall, and before she could get out a yes she asked him two or three times if he was serious 🙂 Once Brenda said yes, they finished off their Spa Weekend in Glenwood Springs as planned. 

We are beyond thrilled to see how happy Josh and Brenda are together. I have no doubts that their love won’t stand the test of time! They are both so much fun to be around, and I can’t wait to be apart and help capture their big day next October. Congratulations Joash and Brenda we are so excited for you, we love you, and we are thrilled that you found each other!!! 

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