Citrus and Glam Styled Session


My First Styled Session

I LOVE an excellent styled session. What is a Styled Session, you ask… it’s a way for photographers, florists, bakers, and many other vendors to collaborate on a project that benefits each other. Many Styled sessions photographers do them to build their portfolio, to go outside of your norm, to create content. The list of reasons goes on and on. I love working with vendors to develop a good relationship and to help potential clients later on with their wedding or event plans. Styled Sessions also tend to help those who are newly Engaged to see new trends, colors, venues, etc. in a curated and creative way. Styled Sessions can help those couples find a create their dream weddings.

My first styled session was what got me hooked! I know some photographers and vendors don’t like to participate, and that is totally ok. To each their own. There are so many horror stories from other photographers that it can make you leary on attending a Styled Shoot. So when I received the invite to assist Shelby at her styled session, I was so excited and nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to make sure that I did everything correctly. So I did what I usually do, and that is to lend a hand when needed, ask if any needs help plus if I see something that needs to be done I just do it.

I had never met Shelby in person; I had only been in contact with her over Facebook on one of the creative pages I joined. When I walked into Shelby’s studio, I was super excited. There was this beautiful white brick wall, a mustard yellow couch, the flower arrangement was something out of a dream, and the colors were bright and vibrant! Then I met Shelby, and she was so easy going, sweet, and talented. She had me jump right in to help, which made me feel so at ease. She has such a fantastic eye for curating beautifully styled sessions.

I Love to Meet new People

It was so excited to meet other vendors like Alexis with Parsley and Valentine; she created the florals. OH MY GOSH, they were out of this world. I have seen some amazing bouquets and arrangements in my day, but there is just something about her work that I admire so much. Her use of eye-catching florals is incredible. My favorite part of the bouquet she had for this session were these golden ferns. I couldn’t believe that they were real and not fake.

I also got to meet Shannah with Sweetride Bake Shop. Talk about the sweetest person. Maybe that’s why her treats are so tasty. She has the most delightful personality, and she truly cares about others. She created all the delicious desserts for the table. There was a stunning yellow cake with real dried flowers in the icing. And these delightful blueberry doughnuts and cookies. I couldn’t believe how moist and delectable everything was. Everything had such an intense flavor without it being overwhelming. All the flavors paired so perfectly.

Let’s Take Some Pictures!

So now it was time to photograph everything. Our Models were stunning even though I felt so short next to them! 🙂 Anastasia and her boyfriend Jason were perfect. I loved how simple her dress was; it was one Shelby had. The cream colors with the bright citrus feel blended together so well. We had dashes of bright citrus fruit strewn around the dessert table, and incorporated them into the flat lays and detail shots.

Before the day came to an end, we headed to this incredible bridge with high wires and mountain views in the background. The sun was setting, and it was so perfect. Since this session, I have gone back many times to use that bridge in photos! It is just an excellent place to end a fantastic styled session!

I have done many styled sessions since this one and love sharing all the beautiful images to hopefully help inspire other photographers and any Bride to Be’s.

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