I want to be a Mermaid!


Who wouldn’t love to be a Mermaid?! My daughter Nevaeh loves Mermaids, and of course, she wants to be a professional mermaid. When Waterworld announced, they would have a swim with the Mermaids morning. I couldn’t say no. Plus, she needed something to brighten her summer since we just had to lay one of our family dogs, Frodo, to rest. I knew this would help brighten her spirits a bit.

July 24th, 2018, that morning, I woke her bright and early. She knew we had plans to go to Waterworld, but she was surprised at how early we were going. She was so unsure of what was going on. We got in the car ready to go, and that’s when I asked her. “Do you want to swim with Mermaids today.” Well, we went from sleepy to wide awake in .3 seconds! She wondered how and where. As we were on our way to Waterworld, I filled her in on all the excellent details of her day.

Her day would look like this…

  • Enter Waterworld at 8:30 am and meet the Mermaids down at Thunder bay
  • From 9-10 am, Swim with the Mermaids.
  • 10-12 the Mermaids would be hanging out at Thunder Bay to chat with and take pictures with
  • 12-1 Private Lunch with the Mermaids, more photos and get your Souvenir T-Shirt

We were Prepared for an Epic day, and this momma’s heart was so full and excited for her! I honestly had expected a lot of people to purchase tickets for this event. Once we got down to Thunder Bay, there were only a total of 13 girls. I was so happy about this because then the girls would all have a lot of time with the mermaids. There were five mermaids in total!

Let the Mermaid Fun Begin!

When the mermaids began swimming to the “shore,” every single one of those girls froze, and their eyes lit up! All of them were ooohing and aaahing saying look at her tail, look at her she’s so pretty. Nevaeh stood there in awe as they swam over. She looked at me and smiled, and I knew at that moment that this was the best thing we could have done for her all summer!

Nevaeh was a little nervous about swimming over to them; it was like she was in shock. All the mermaids were starting to encourage the girls to play, and that’s all it took. Nevaeh bounded into the water, and for the next hour, she had the best time!. It was so fun watching her interact with them and seeing her eyes light up. Once the hour was up and they all swam back in, we did a few group photos, and then each one of the girls got their individual picture with the mermaids. Nevaeh was so funny though, after her photos she said she just wanted to hang out with the mermaids. She didn’t want to ride any rides. So she sat there with them and talked with them for another 30 minutes. They were so impressed when she told them she was learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.

I finally pried her away from the Mermaids to ride a few rides before lunchtime. At noon Nevaeh and I headed over to the private picnic area for more fun. During lunch, the girls learned about each mermaid and what ocean they were from. They learned about their tails and why they each had different colors or why their fins had differently shaped. It was such a great get to know your time. Finally, it was time to say goodbye to the Mermaids as they needed to get back to the ocean. Each one of the girls received a T-shirt souvenir, and they went around and had all the mermaids autograph them.

This was one of those experiences that I know Nevaeh won’t ever forget, and honestly, neither will I. Seeing her having so much fun and with that special little twinkle in her eye, made the cost of the event more than worth it! Great experiences are worth the price, and this indeed was an incredible one! I am so grateful and feel so blessed that my family has had so many beautiful opportunities.

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