Our Summer Home…WATERWORLD!


Many people have their favorite summer vacation spots. They have their favorite beaches, mountain towns, cabin, etc. WE have Waterworld, and we LOVE it! I know it sounds cheesy, and yes, we do have our favorite vacation spots. But Waterworld is literally 10 minutes from our house, and our daughter Tristan has been a lifeguard there since she was sixteen. It was her first job, and she fell in love with it.

That first year she worked at Waterworld, she didn’t have her license yet. She would get a ride to work, and I would pick her up after work. At the same time, I was like, how can we make this more functional and fun. It dawned on me ” HELLO” get Waterworld season passes, and I did just that. Nevaeh and I bought our Elite passes, which let me tell you seemed pretty dang expensive when I bought them. However, long story short with the perks and how often we would go it paid for itself.

Waterworld Daily

No this is not a news article, this is actually how often you would find us there 🙂 The first day walking into the park, it’s magical. You see the stairs to climb, the turn stalls to go through. You hear the laughing and splashing from everyone already inside, and you get a little giddy. Or at least I do. When I was a kid, we didn’t get the chance to do amusement parks very often, so I always relish that feeling of anticipation and excitement. Once you made it through the gates and up the stairs, the magic of Waterworld opened up to you. Remember if you don’t like water, splashing, big water slides and a giant wave pool…this probably isn’t the best place for you.

Walking into the park, we always knew what we needed to do first, Find a spot to set up camp. Nevaeh and I usually got their around 2:30 in the afternoon. That’s the great thing about season passes; you can go whenever you want and not feel like your missing out on something. Much of the morning crowd usually packed up and left around two. So it was always a perfect time to get down to Thunder Bay and find chairs.

I know you have no idea what Thunder Bay is. Close your eyes and imagine a HUGE, GIANT swimming pool with zero entry. Now imagine brisk crystal clear water, tons of people, and big yellow tubes splashing and laughing. Then SCREAMS…yes screams every 15 minutes because that’s when the waves start. I have never grasped the screaming part, but its fun and exciting. If you know just where to stand, you catch the biggest waves. It’s so much fun and one of Nevaeh’s favorite spots at Waterworld.

Let’s Ride some Rides

Another great thing about having a seasons pass, you don’t have to try to ride everything in one day. It’s glorious because the one bad thing about Waterworld is LONG LINES. That’s not me, exaggerating. We are talking some rides on a packed day can take you up to an hour and a half in line, and Waterworld is only open until six every evening. However, it is still worth even going for one day (plan to be there early to get in the doors right away and stay till the blow the final whistle)

Where do I begin with all of the rides? I know I’ll give you our top 10 must ride favorites.

  • Thunder Bay ( the giant wave pool )
  • The Wave ( my Husband and daughter love this one, it’s kind of like a Surfing Ride)
  • Mile High Flyer ( Water Rollercoaster)
  • Storm ( thing darkness, thunder and lighting and going really fast)
  • Voyage to The Center of the Earth ( Dinosaurs and more Dinosaurs)
  • Lost River of the Pharaohs ( this is a nice sit back lazy kind of ride, till you hit the rapids)
  • Revolution (it’s Big, it’s Fast, its a giant toilet bowl with a 4 person tube)
  • Tortuga Run ( this is like a lazy river, but with waterfalls, you slide down, and careful not to get sucked into the whirlpools)
  • Skyline Speed Slides (not my favorites but my husband loves them)
  • Last but not least…The Lazy River …( who can resist sitting in a tube relaxing in the water?)

Those are just our favorites, but there are so many more rides there, and they have great spots designated for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. So if you’re ever in the Waterworld area or visiting Colorado. Come hang out with us at Waterworld. You can catch us camped out in front of the Wave on a regular basis!

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