A Niagara Falls 10 Year Anniversary Trip


Christopher and I had no intention of really doing anything for our ten year anniversary. We figured we would take a weekend, go to the mountains or something close by. Knowing my husband I should have known better! He had a bit of the travel bug. Plus when you find good airline deals, it’s hard to pass them up. I don’t truly know what was going through his head when he started planning this. Normally I don’t know what goes through his head, except wanting to have a new adventure!

One day out of the blue he asked me if I would want to go to Niagara Falls for our anniversary. Why Not? I said sure! For me, that was kind of a big deal as I really start to think about money and savings etc. But I thought this is our 10 year anniversary, we should Celebrate! At that point, I left it in Christopher’s hands to plan our trip. He usually plans all of our trips. He’s great at finding things to do, packing adventures in, and keeping us from getting too tired. I call him my own personal travel guide 🙂

We love a good road trip, I thought at first we would be driving from Denver to Niagara Falls. Thank heavens we would only be driving the four hours from Detroit to Niagara Falls. There’s not much to see in that four hours but we did make a stop at Lake Michigan and grabbed a poutine for the road. We had a deadline to make though we were supposed to be in Niagara on the Lake in time to catch our jet boat. Anytime we tell people that we are going on vaca, if they have been there, they tell us something to do. Usually, they say take a helicopter tour or go to this museum. Every so often we take their advice. This time we took the advice of our good friend Dan and spent the money to go on a Jet Boat over class 5 rapids.

Its time for Class 5 Rapids

Yes, you read that correctly Class 5 rapids! Nervous…Yes. Excited…ABSOLUTELY! We didn’t know what to expect and assumed we would be on the boat for only 30 minutes at most. We were pleasantly surprised. They informed us we would be getting a little wet on this ride… hahaha talk about an understatement! After changing into our gear we headed for the boat. As we moved out on the river it was extremely calm. I was looking for these so-called Class 5 rapids.

After about 15 minutes some twist and turns in the boat, we made it to the rapids, and honestly, they didn’t look like much. Rapids yes, but I was expecting to see something crazy. Our guide was informing us about the shape of the boat and how it was made. Because of how the boat was made it was able to withstand these rapids without being ripped to shreds. HMM well, that wasn’t terrifying to hear!

Feeling the boat climb to the top of the rapids was crazy! It was like we were just gliding upstream. Next thing you know the boat turns into the rapids and down we went! Walls and I mean WALLS of water came flying from all around. As we came out of one wave we were pile-driving right back into another with just enough time to catch our breaths. After that first run, I thought we were done. Boy was I wrong! We started back up the river to go again! I believe we counted 6 times going up and down the rapids. I was sad heading back to the dock, I wanted to go again 🙂 We are already planning another trip to the Jet Boats so our girls can experience it!

Oh, How I love Niagara on the Lake!

We ventured into Niagara on the Lake after our boating fun and we fell in love with that gorgeous little town! It sits just on Lake Ontario so we hit up another one of the Great Lakes! We had a blast driving around looking at the amazing houses and old buildings. It was so green and colorful! Flowers adorned every street lamp. And I found my dream home, more like found 2 dream homes. And if I had 14.5 million dollars I would have bought one of them. On top of gorgeous buildings, tons of vineyards, and beautiful homes, there’s a bakery there that serves the most delicious stuff. My favorite was a their butter tart topped with pecans. OH MY GOSH it was a bite of golden, buttery heaven!

After enjoying our time in Niagara on the Lake we headed to our hotel in Niagara Falls. We stayed on the Canadian side as this is where all the fun stuff is located! We settled into the hotel then it was time for more adventures! There’s so much to do! We barely broke the surface of it all. We were calling it the Canadian Las Vegas! Once we were done walking around “Las Vegas” we decided to head down to the Falls. You know I didn’t have my hopes up to how grand it would be, and I am glad because when we saw the Falls we were in awe! It was amazing! You can feel the power of the water rushing down the river over the falls. I’ve never felt anything like it before. It made me truly excited to be there with Christopher.

The One Restaurant Not in the USA

Being on the Canadian side, they have restaurants we aren’t privy to here in the States. For instance Boston Pizza. People ask me all the time, what’s so special about Boston Pizza? Well, they are the only place that makes the Perogie Pizza. Another wonderful dish that is a slice of heaven just like the butter tart and the poutine! Needless to say, that was our first dinner together to celebrate our ten year anniversary. It was perfect! After dinner, we made our way back down to the Falls. During the evening they light up the falls, changing them all different colors. It’s magical.

The only thing not magical was our hotel. I promise you this don’t take the cheap hotel, splurge on the nicer ones! Next time we go we are staying on the waterfront! I haven’t even gotten to our day two adventures! Stay Tuned for more adventures in Niagara Falls, and maybe a little Trex action…

  1. Great Post!!! I truly believe that there is much more to explore new places. The world has incredible beauty which makes us visit new places for sure.

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