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Who knew this would all start over a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Now many cups of coffee later their forever adventure begins! As I was walking up to Sheri’s hotel room to start photos, I honestly got tears in my eyes because of how happy I am for Mike and Sheri. When Sheri opened the door she was glowing. Her veil was perfectly placed in her hair, makeup was gorgeously done and her Bride robe was looking fierce on her.

You know what I love about weddings, and especially this one, the small and meaningful details. Take Sheri’s Wedding Dress for instance. Besides the fact that her dress was perfect for her in every way, she had the added touch of her grandmother right there with her. Sewn into the underskirt of her dress was a small piece of fabric. A heart to be exact, from her Grandmothers handkerchief. The wedding ring that would be placed on her finger was also her grandmother’s, and one final sweet bonus it was her grandmother’s birthday! What an incredible way to have family be apart of her perfect day!

When I arrived at their house Mike was diligently working, getting everything ready for guests and his Beautiful Bride to show up. Mike and Sheri chose the perfect venue for your wedding…their own Backyard! Where they could share this day with the people they love and care about. Their backyard was set with a beautifully stained wedding Arch that Mike built. Rows of chairs with ribbons and flowers. But I think most importantly the time they took together over the last few months to prep and prepare their backyard for this day.

Mike and Sheri Say “I Do”

Here on a gorgeous Spring evening. In the intimate setting of their own backyard with friends and family present Mike and Sheri are ready to get married! While Mike took his place at the arch, waiting for his Bride. Others rapidly made sure that the family who could not be there in person was there to watch on facetime, messenger, zoom etc. It was so touching seeing so many people help to make sure as many of their loved ones were included.

Its time! the music started and as Morgan escorted her mom to her starting point, you could see the joy and excitement on Sheri’s face. Then at last Mike turned around to see his beautiful Bride for the first time walking to him. I don’t think Mike’s eyes left Sheri once. The look on both of their faces was an absolute joy!

Their friend Pablo, who also introduced them, officiated. His words were funny and beautiful and filled with genuine hope and joy for these two amazing people. Sheri and Mike exchanged their own vows and those to were filled with the love that they share for each other. The moment when Mike took Sheri’s hand as he said his vows to her was so dear and touching. It definitely brought tears to my eyes. And finally with friends and family around and watching Mike and Sheri said: “I DO”!

Let’s Celebrate!

With great music playing, delicious food to eat we all congratulated and celebrated the newlyweds! What a perfect way to say I do and to start your life as Husband and Wife!

I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of your wedding, and to capture the memories that will last a lifetime! I love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world. Check out some photos from Mike and Sheri’s lovely Wedding. Share a celebratory congratulations with them in the comments below!

To Mike and Sheri May your love and marriage be the best ride of a lifetime!

  1. Jolina says:

    The pictures turned out phenomanal!! They really captured the joy and love that was in the air that day. Congratulations Sheri and Mike!

  2. Rachel Polowitzer says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Mike and Sheri!! Bruce and I are so happy for and wish you the best! What a truly beautiful wedding and couple!

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