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What can I say, except that Nate and Teresa are positively adorable! When Nate first reached out to me and told me I had photographed his brother’s wedding. I knew right away; I wanted to be their photographer! The Harris Family is Fantastic and I just love them. They have such high spirits, personalities, and know how to enjoy life! So I sent my information to Nate and tried to wait patiently 🙂 I was secretly checking my email a few times a day to see if they had responded. You can imagine how thrilled and excited I was when Nate and Teresa said they wanted me to be their photographer.

A Summer Camp Love Story

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is learning about my couples and getting to know who they are. Plus, I adore hearing all about the love stories, how the relationships started, and of course, the proposal! Nate and Teresa have such an adorable story; it just warms my heart.

Now, we have all seen the movies and read the stories of Summer Romance of two people finding love at Summer camp, only for the summer to end, and then they must part ways. We all swoon and think oh if they could have only had more time or stayed together. Well, I finally have a real-life summer camp love that didn’t end! That’s right Hollywood might not have gotten it right, but real life did!

Peacefully is the backdrop for this story, a gorgeous camp here in the picturesque mountains of Colorado. Peaceful Valley is where Nate and Teresa’s love story begins. While working at Peaceful Valley Scout Camp, they started hanging out and talking. I love how they said, “camp showed us who we really are and what we had in common.” What a fantastic opportunity for them. They got to grow together and know each other in such a magical atmosphere. The one thing that I thought was extremely special is their first date was not at the camp. It was at Teresas Junior Homecoming, where Nate got to meet all her friends! I’m pretty sure Teresa’s friends approved of Nate 🙂

A Story of Limes

Over the Years, I have heard many proposal stories, they are all uniques and beautiful, but this one had me laughing! I have to hand it to Nate; not only does he have a good memory, but his proposal was one for the books! And I honestly could not do this story justice by retelling it, so here you go straight from their Engagement questionnaire!

NATE: “I proposed at the camp we met at. There is a chapel and we were checking it out because we knew we wanted to get married there, whenever the time came. I was using limes to show her where people were going to stand. Then I was fumbling the limes and dropping them as I was trying to pick them up and I looked at her and said “I’m sorry. I’m bad at pick up limes” Then I got on my knee and proposed…”

“Now to give more detail. About 3 years ago she sent me a picture of how to get a girl. It talked about how you go to a grocery store and head towards the limes. You find a cute girl and you start picking out limes. While doing this you start dropping the limes and making a big scene. Then she will try to help you but you just get worse and worse at it. Then you say “Sorry I’m bad at pickup limes.” Then the next step was that you marry that girl. So I told her when I propose to you, I will have limes. She had totally forgotten about that haha”

See you had to read it from Nate!

Nate and Teresa are Engaged!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Nate and Teresa are setting themselves up for an incredible life together. As they both continue school, Nate is studying psychology to become a College Professor. Anyone who ends up in his class is going to have a blast! With his outgoing, witty, and fun-loving personality, he’s going to make an incredible teacher! He’ll be that professor that you never forget! And Teresa, she is also studying psychology to continue onto her Bachelor’s in Nursing, Incredible! You can just tell by her sweet demeanor and how kind she is anyone would be lucky to have her as their nurse.

Varsity Lake in Boulder Colorado set the backdrop for their engagement photos. It is one of my favorite areas because it feels like its someplace out of a storybook. The stone bridge, the little pond, plus a waterfall! We also got a bit distracted by turtles, fish, birds, and even raccoons! Oh, and me walking by an area, then abruptly stopping because the spot was too good to pass up! Nate and Teresa were Rock Stars during their session! It took no time at all for them to be comfortable in front of the camera and let their personalities shine!

I am honored and overjoyed that I get to be apart of such an important day for them! I can’t wait to capture more of the loving looks and gentle, sweet touches on their wedding day!

I’m going to leave you with one last thing that they said about their relationship and where it began. When I read this one thing from Nate and Teresa, my heart was full and beyond happy for them!

“We got to fall in love under the stars in our favorite place,” and now they get to get Married at their favorite place where they fell in love!

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