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They always say the Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways! I have to say I 100% believe it! When Liz, Kyla’s Best friend, posted on Facebook that they needed a photographer, I didn’t hesitate one second to give my information. I was hopeful that they would choose me. But with so many other talented photographers, you just never know. However, not long after posting, I received a message! Kyla said that she liked my photography style, and they wanted to book with me! Not only was I excited, they wanted to hire me as their photographer, but I was also truly grateful to hear that she liked my style. It warmed my heart!

Kyla and Boston are beyond adorable, and after chatting with Kyla through texts and Instagram, I knew we were a great connection. I was so excited to learn about their relationship and, of course, my favorite part, their Love Story and Proposal. Both Kyla and Boston are College students, but their love goes back to High School!

These two amazing people have incredible things in store for them. Kyla is attending CU Denver. She’s pursuing a major in International Studies with a Minor in Human Development and Family Relations! She has the sweetest heart, and I genuinely believe she will make a huge difference in her field! Boston is working on his major in Financing up at UNC, and of course, ready to marry his HIgh School Sweetheart!

The New Kid in School

New School+11th Grade English+ Cute boy= Instant Crush! 🙂 To top it off, Kyla got to sit behind this cute boy! As Kyla said, she thought he had an interesting name also. How many people do you know that are named Boston? So after doing her research on Boston…(asking friends about him). She found out that he was super sweet, was kind to everyone, and was on the Varsity Football team. Being a bit nervous to talk to him, Kyla waited for a good excuse to reach out to him. It finally happened, Kyla needed to know what time the football game would end. And who better to ask than one of the players. She messaged Boston on Instagram, and that started the whole thing!

Lunch Break First Date

You want to know how cute these two our; their first date was during Kyla’s 30-minute lunch break at work. Except the lunch break didn’t end for two hours 🙂 They talked, they laughed and thank heavens Kyla had already told her boss the boy she liked was coming in. One thing that I love about their story besides how adorable it is is the connection with family and taking their time to get to know each other.

Kyla remembers talking to her dad after one of their first dates. She told her dad Boston was special, and that she knew something was different about him. Boston felt the same way about Kyla, and soon after a few dates, he made it official and asked Kyla to be his girlfriend! They both knew they had something beautiful and meaningful. About a month after Boston asking Kyla to be his Girlfriend they both professed their love to each other!.

A Picnic Proposal

Four years from the date they started dating, Boston had something special planned, a Picnic date which just happens to be Kyla’s favorite kind of date! Kyla found it interesting, though, because Boston told her to wear something nice for their picnic. Yet usually he wouldn’t care what she wore 🙂 Boston had everything planned even down to having a friend there to take photos. They get to the picnic location, and Boston is shaking! He had Kyla stand up, and he gave this long speech. Kyla so adorably says…”I don’t remember any of it because I was in Lala Land at that point, but I remember thinking his voice was so shaky” At that moment, Boston asked Kyla to marry him!!! I’m sure you can guess what she said 🙂

What happened next made my heart melt! Boston knows how important Kyla’s family is to her! And he knew how important it was to her to share this moment with her family. So not only did he propose during her favorite kind of date he also took her and her family out to an early dinner so they could share the fantastic news. The day doesn’t end there! Since Kyla loves plays, Boston had tickets for them to see the play A Doll House Pt. 2. Sounds interesting right…well, it was! It was a play all about how awful marriage is! They are still laughing about it to this day!

And that brings us to now four and a half years later. So many memories made and so many new memories to make! Kyla and Boston are ready to be to say “I DO” on July 15th, 2020. I am beyond excited for them and love that I get to be a part of their Special Day! They both have found a special place in my heart, and I know they will be so happy together for the rest of their lives!

Let’s Wish them All the Best!

Let Kyla and Boston know how excited and happy you are for them! Leave them some good wishes, and congratulations in the comments below!!


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