Boston & Kyla Are Married!


In our world today, with so many things constantly changing, there is one thing that has been continuous and strong. And that is the love that Boston and Kyla have for one another!

On the morning of July 15th, 2020, with her “Bride” Starbucks in hand, Kyla was ready! She was eager to marry her high school sweetheart, night in shinning armor, best friend, and love of her life! Kyla would soon be Mrs. Lucero! While Boston, excitement in his eyes and smile, got dressed and ready to take Kyla’s hand in marriage. Soon she would make him the happiest man on earth. They both were positively glowing with anticipation and readiness!

The Hudson Gardens

Christopher and I arrived at the Hudson Garden Event Center, ready to photograph their beautiful wedding. We didn’t expect to walk into a magic garden! The Rose Garden, where Kyla and Boston would soon say I do, was stunning! There were rose bushes of all different colors, beautiful tall wildflowers, a gorgeous water fountain, and two perfectly centered high arched wooden pergolas. It was so picturesque, and I was so excited to take some fantastic photos of their day!

Every Bride and Groom looks forward to their day being perfect, especially when you spend so much time planning and organizing. For Kyla and Boston, they had everything planned out, and then a last-minute Venue change had to happen. However, all the changes didn’t stop them from having the most memorable day ever! I love that about them, they are so positive and have such beautiful spirits about them!

Time Together

Boston and Kyla didn’t have a “first look” they wanted the traditional walking down the aisle first look 🙂 However they did something so special and unique. Boston was blindfolded and led to a spot where Kyla, looking like a princess, would meet him. As he stood there in his blindfold, he could hear Kyla approaching him. ( making him promise he absolutely couldn’t see her) She reached out to take his hand, bowed their heads as Boston said a beautiful prayer!

It was such a special moment that they will cherish forever. Let me be completely honest; I had to wipe away a few tears myself afterward. The cutest thing though, Kyla asked if she could kiss Boston before she headed back inside, and he shook his head no. There first kiss that day would be shared as Husband and Wife! As it started to drizzle, Kyla headed for cover, but not before telling Boston, ” I’ll see you down there.” My heart about melted! The lite drizzle soon turned into a sudden outburst of rain. That wasn’t going to stop Kyla and Boston from having their ceremony in the Rose Garden!

We were all checking weather apps, radars to see precisely where and what this storm would do. After about fifteen minutes, and the countless times Kyla and Boston heard that rain is good luck on your wedding day, these two amazing people were ready to say I DO!

Boston and Kyla Ceremony 2.0

As guests began returning to the ceremony site, the wedding party lined up. Boston was eagerly waiting in the Rose Garden for his Bride to walk down the aisle to him! Music filled the air as the Wedding party made their way down. On the arm of her loving father, Kyla began her walk to her soon to be husband. The guest all stood as Kyla came around the corner of wildflowers, and it was that moment that Boston laid eyes on Bride for the first time all day! Tears filled his eyes, and you could see and fill the love that they share!

Boston and Kyla’s ceremony was full of laughter, joy, tears, love, and prayers. Friends and family came to see these two amazing people start their journey as Husband and Wife together. Everything about their ceremony from their communion to their vows was meaningful. Kyla and Boston could barely take their eyes off of each other. Everyone there could feel the love and spirit of the Lord present!

We thought Colorado would give us a few extra minutes, but like the saying here in Colorado goes. Stick around for five minutes, and the weather will change. I guess the Colorado sky couldn’t hold back its tears of joy for Boston and Kyla because it didn’t rain just once…it rained twice! As the rain started to come down faster and faster, they quickly said their I DO’s, and without missing a beat, Kyla asks, ” Can I kiss him now!”

Boston and Kyla entered the Rose Garden today as fiances and left running in the rain to find cover as Mr. and Mrs. Lucero!

A Dream Reception at Ashley Ridge

After saying I do and running through the rain not once, but twice 🙂 Kyla and Boston were ready to head to Ashley Ridge to continue their Celebration! Ashley Ridge is a photographer’s dream venue. Large breathtaking windows with views of the sunset and mountains. Smooth white walls accentuated with colored lights. Boston and Kyla’s color of choice…Blue!

When the time was just right, and guests had taken their seats, Boston and Kyla made their Grand Entrance to Huey Lewis and the News “The Power of Love.” After the delicious dinner, family and friends toasted the newlyweds with laughter, stories, and even tears of joy! The evening continued with the cake cutting, photo booth, bouquet toss, and dances. Boston took his Wife by the hand and escorted onto the dance floor for their first Official dance. All of their friends and family couldn’t take their eyes off the lovely couple as they twirled around the dance floor! With their arms wrapped around each other and smiles on their faces, their song of choice was John Mayers “XO”.

It’s Party Time

As the first dances came to an end, Dj Maestro announced, ” The Dance Floor Is OPEN.” The party was on the way with so much energy, laughter and let not forget the fierce dance moves!

Boston and Kyla, we are so grateful and honored to have been a part of your fantastic, wild day! We wish you all the best in the world! Congratulations on the beginning of this incredible journey together! I can’t wait to see you both again.

If you have a moment, please share a message in congratulations with Boston and Kyla!

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