Thinking Outside of the Box…A Cake Tasting Date Night Picnic


A Cake tasting Picnic

Why not plan a Cake Tasting Picnic Date Night? During this crazy time in our world, we continue to forge new ways of thinking outside the box! Everything right now looks different. Engagements, going to school, work, planning a wedding it’s all changed in some way for now. Sometimes we get upset with how things are, and that’s OK! But I think it is so crucial for us to stop and think outside the box these days. We need to come up with ways to bring joy to our day and the way we do some activities. Why not plan a Cake Tasting Picnic Date Night!

Trust me; I know so many couples who are dealing with change. It can be so overwhelming. So many aspects of wedding planning have changed from Venue selection, all the way down to cake tasting. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it can still be enjoyable, exciting, and even playful!

One of MY favorite wedding planning traditions, Cake tasting, has changed drastically. So many couples get excited about this part of their planning. Couples get to go to the bakers to try a ton of different cakes, flavors, or even mini desserts. Who doesn’t love that idea! However, It is something that has drastically changed in many places. When something has to change, choose to change it for the better! 🙂

Creating something FUN

I had this idea come to me one night while I was lying in bed. I couldn’t sleep; my husband was out like a light. I kept thinking about how much disappointment and heartache so many of my couples were going through. From family and friends not being able to come, venue changes, COVID restrictions, you name it! I wanted to come up with something fun. Something that could help remind them that even planning a wedding during a pandemic could be the best time! As I was lying in my bed tossing and turning, It hit me. A Cake Tasting Picnic photoshoot! It would be easy enough to add to a wedding package. And couples could make it romantic, adventurous, lighthearted. This could be something couples could have a blast doing.

Sweetride Bakeshop … YUMMY

I reached out to a fantastic baker Shannah Miller with Sweetride Bakeshop and asked if I could buy one of her cake tasting boxes. She makes these adorable mini cakes that are perfect for tasting. I told her my idea of setting up a Cake Tasting Picnic Date. I was so excited when she wanted to be on board for my plan. Shannah is fantastic! I have had the opportunity to work with her and try many of her desserts and OMG they are so good. She has this incredible way to bring her clients visions to life. When you eat one of her creations, you get every flavor added into the dessert and name! It’s phenomenal!

Who would I get to come on this cake tasting adventure…none other then one of my awesome couple Josh and Brenda their wedding is on October 10th. I sent Brenda a text and asked if she and Josh would be willing to be my guinea pigs for the Cake Tasting Picnic. Brenda’s response was priceless, and me laughing so hard, “I mean yes. I get to eat cake”. She gets me; she really gets me! 🙂

We set up the time, location, everything. I meet Josh and Brenda at the Ft. Collins Flower Garden ready with the four mini cakes and some sparkling blush cider. I wanted to bring some Champagne, but since we were in a public area, I figured UHHH better not. The cake sizes that Shannah makes for the cake tasting boxes are a perfect size! Not to big not to small. They are big enough for a few bits, so you can really decide if you like it. Plus, she sends these adorable mini golden forks too. I don’t know why I love the forks so much! I think its just because they are so dang cute. We set up the picnic area and got down to some cake tasting business.

Cake Tasting Time!

Josh and Brenda made this so much fun for me! Watching them be so playful during the picnic made me feel like this could be something all couples could plan for. That’s exactly what I was going for! There was some hand-feeding, fork feeding, and it wouldn’t be a real cake tasting without some cake in the face practice too. 🙂 Josh and Brenda had four different flavors in their box. Dark Berry, Parade of Roses, Lavender Blue, and Omni Chocolate. After having a great time tasting them all, they both agreed that Dark Berry was their favorite.
After their cake tasting, they spent some time walking through the flower garden and enjoying their time together!

Having a Cake Tasting picnic is just one way to think outside the box with all the craziness. It’s a way to have fun or be playful while planning your wedding. You could even reach out to some of the caterers you want to look into and ask if they do a food tasting box. Then you could have a full-on Dinner and Dessert Tasting Picnic.

If you want to schedule a Cake Tasting Picnic Session or add one to your wedding photography package Let’s Get You Booked!

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