Tommy and Hanna Grace


January 2, 2021

Mississippi Winter Wedding

Tommy and Hanna Grace are the types of people that you can’t help but love. We met Tommy and Hanna Grace in July of 2020, for one day when we photographed their friends Boston and Kyla’s wedding. Right from the get-go, we adored them! When Hanna Grace reached out to me to ask if we were available on January 2, 2021, to photograph their wedding, I couldn’t say no! We were so excited to head down to Mississippi to celebrate their special day with them, and capture their gorgeous Mississippi winter wedding.

A Modern Day Love Story

Their love story and proposal is one I could read again and again; it’s so sweet. Tommy and Hanna Grace met when they were 13 and 12 at Church. Tommy says he was rollerskating, and Hanna Grace came up to talk to him. However, Hanna Grace remembers meeting him when their families went out together for Mexican after Church one Sunday. After a couple of years of building a friendship, Tommy asked Hanna Grace to be his girlfriend. Their first ( I love this) chaperoned date when they were 15 and 16; they went to the movies then had lunch at Huey’s. On their first unchaperoned date, Hanna Grace was 17 and Tommy was 18, they went out for breakfast.

Their proposal story is so fun, imaginative, and sweet!! On November 16, 2019, Tommy, Hanna Grace, and four of their dear friends went to an escape room together. However, Hanna Grace wasn’t super excited about it due to past experiences with escape rooms. But she was looking forward to their dinner plans afterward at their favorite restaurant. The escape room was Pirate-themed. Their goal was to find the secret treasure. Little did Hanna Grace know that the real treasure was an engagement ring?! The whole group knew! Tommy proposed with a ring that had been in Hanna Grace’s family for a long time. It’s something she will “treasure” forever! 🙂

Their Special Day

On the morning of January 2, 2021, Tommy and Hanna Grace woke up ready to say I DO. As Hanna Grace was getting ready with her Bride Tribe, Tommy was doing the same with his guys. Each one at a different location to make sure they didn’t see each other before their first look. Everyone was all smiles, laughing, and having a wonderful time. But the time had come for Hanna Grace to put her gorgeous, flowy wedding ballgown on. As she entered the room, all the ladies gasped. Hanna Grace looked positively stunning! From her crown to her sparkly shoes, she indeed was a Princess! It was so cute as she was walking to look at herself in the full-length mirror, she softly said, “I wasn’t nervous until now” 🙂

Before we headed over to the First Baptist Church so this gorgeous Bride could marry her handsome Groom, we couldn’t go anywhere till we did the first look with Hanna Graces Dad. And Oh my word, I needed tissues! 🙂 As he turned around and saw her standing there, they both had tears in their eyes. It was such a sweet precious moment between a daddy and his daughter. Once Hanna Grace and her Dad’s tears were dried, we were ready to get her to the Church.

Tommy had been at the Church all morning getting ready with his guys in their handsome navy blues suits with blush-colored ties. I’m pretty sure they had as much fun as the girls getting ready. His Groomsmen all have such great fun personalities. There’s no wonder why and how they are all friends! Their smiles, laughter, and fun-loving nature is infectious!

A First Look filled with Love

Tommy and Hanna Grace chose to have their First Look in the Sanctuary. We made sure that it was just the two of them. If 2020 wasn’t crazy enough, as we got Tommy all situated, my flash decided to stop working. That didn’t stop us, though. Hanna Grace walked in and immediately saw her soon to be Husband standing there. Tears immediately filled her eyes! After a few moments, it was time for Tommy to turn around to see her.
When Tommy laid eyes on Hanna Grace, it was astounding. At that moment, there was so much love and joy once again, I was brought to tears. He had this look of awe on his face like he was looking at the most beautiful painting in the world, and Hanna Grace is Tommys most beautiful girl! I love when couples take a few minutes for themselves right after the first look, no cameras, no family or friends, just the two of them. Tommy and Hanna Grace headed into the prayer room to have a moment to pray together and to read the letters they had written for each other. I think the most beautiful thing about this is those words are words only they know. Those few moments are something that they will treasure and have sacred forever.

It’s a Good Day To Get Married

The Time had come for Tommy and Hanna Grace to get ready to exchange rings, vows, and say I do. Hanna Grace’s Bride tribe did a fantastic job blocking her in the stairwell so the guest couldn’t see her before the Ceremony. Once everyone was seated, the music started. Tommy and the groomsmen took their places; the mamas were sitting. The Bridemaids made their way down the aisle, followed by the most handsome little man Jayson holding their sign. The surprise came when Noah the Flower Dude came in holding his flower basket of yellow rose petals in honor of Hanna Grace’s grandma. Since their flower girl couldn’t be there, Noah stepped in! It was hilarious. He did such a great job tossing the petals to the floor, making the way for the beautiful Bride!

The Ceremony was beautiful and genuinely centered on their love and gratitude to the Lord. Brother Wade spoke eloquently on centering their marriage around God and loving each other. AS they exchanged their vows and rings, lit their unity candle, and said I Do, Brother Wade excitedly announced them, Husband and Wife.

It’s Always a Party with this Group!

From that moment the party had begun! With dancing, laughter, family, and friends at the reception, everything was a perfect day for Tommy and Hanna Grace. As we clicked away with our cameras capturing it all, we couldn’t help but share in the joy and love surrounding them. They closed their night out with butterfly confetti canons and bubbles.

I am so grateful that we met Tommy and Hanna Grace in 2020 and had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Mississippi to photograph their wedding. We are so thankful for the gratitude from their friends and family that we were able to come. Tommy and Hanna Grace Congratulations once again, and we wish you every bit of happiness and love! You are truly unique and genuine people, and we love you.

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Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

Ceremony Venue | First Baptist Church Senatobia MS

Reception Venue | The Haraway Center Senatobia MS

Wedding Dress Designer | Stella York

Bridesmaids Attire | Birdy Grey

Grooms and Groomsmen Attire | Gen Tux

Florals | Michael Doyle at Lynn Doyle Flowers

Cake | Kipp Holmes

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