Leo & Melissa


December 12, 2020

A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Red Feather Lakes Colorado

What could be better during your Winter wedding than having the ground covered in snow, the trees frosted in white???… SNOW falling from the sky while you say “I DO,” of course! Leo and Melissa picked the most magical spot for their Winter Wedding. Red Feather Lakes Colorado is like a Winter Wonderland right now. Even though it was below freezing, 19 degrees to be exact, Melissa and Leo were ready to say I DO.

I have known Melissa for a long time. We’ve worked together for the past ten years, and I have been photographing her family that long too. I’ve watched her family grow so much and adore them all. When Melissa and Leo first met, I was so excited for her. I was hoping she found someone who would treat her with love and respect. Leo has done just that, and he doesn’t just love Melissa; he loves her kids as well! They both deserve that special someone to love and cherish, and they have found that in each other.

Where it all Began

Their love story is exciting because it’s one I have been able to watch unfold over the years. A mutual friend, Brandon, introduced Melissa and Leo. Then on their first date, they decided to go play pool. They played and laughed for hours, and afterward, Leo took Melissa for a ride on his motorcycle. He even let her drive it!!! As Melissa says, the rest is history, but honestly, it was just the beginning of their story! Now four and a half years later, they are ready to take that next step.

A few weeks ago, I got a text from Melissa; it was a picture of them holding a Marriage License. Honestly, I had to do a double-take because I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, I was so excited for them. When Melissa asked me if I would photograph their wedding, I couldn’t say no. I was honored that she asked.

Red Feather Lakes Colorado

On December 12, 2020, Melissa and Leo rented this cute AirBNB in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. This gorgeous white wintery spot was where they would marry each other. This beautiful intimate spot was perfect for them. Kellie, Melissa’s daughter, would be officiating the ceremony, while the others were there to love and support their mom and Leo. More of their family conferenced in on a video call to give their love and support as well.

When we got to the cabin, everyone was getting ready, so we grabbed some details and got to work. I loved the little details, so many items with so much sentiment. Almost every piece of jewelry Melissa was wearing had a special meaning. Her beautiful bracelet had her Grandmothers name on it, Esperonza. Her necklace was Leo’s baby ring and then wrapped around her flowers, in loving memory of her brother Hector, his bandana. Still folded the way he folded it before he passed away. They also had many family photos to represent all the family members who couldn’t be with them in person.

A Dreamy Winter Wedding

The time had come for us to gather outside; with snow lightly falling, Kellie and Leo began walking to their spots, followed by Roger and Fallon. To make sure Leo got an excellent first look at his Bride, he turned his back til we told him to look. With her sons Matthew and Josh beside her, Melissa was ready for Leo to turn around. As Leo took his first look at Melissa, his eyes went wide, and he had to take a deep breath. You could see the love and adoration he has for her in that first look.

Kellie did a fantastic job officiating, there were laughter and tears of joy throughout the ceremony. When it came to them exchanging their vows, though, that had my heart. Every word was straight from their hearts. Mellisa and Leo needed no paper, phones, or vow books to know what they wanted to say to each other. It was just pure love. They exchanged their rings with cold shaking hands, and then Kellie properly announced them, Husband and Wife. Leo Kissed his Bride, and Cheers erupted over the video call from their family and their family right there in their own Winter Wonderland.

I am so thrilled for Melissa and Leo to begin this new chapter in their life together as husband and wife. I know they will love each other the way they both deserve and have many new adventures ahead of them.
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  1. Kellie says:

    These are absolutely amazing pictures, you captured every moment so beautifully, Britt! Congratulations Mom, and Leo, I am so excited for this next journey of yours!

  2. Heather says:

    Congratulations! Cheers to many years of happiness ahead!

  3. Katrina Branconnier says:

    I may sound like a broken record but these pictures are incredible. A real life Hallmark movie. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple. Cheers to a forever future!

  4. Lindsey Hannan says:

    Such beautiful pictures! Wish we could’ve been there to see it! Congrats! We wish you a long and happy marriage.

    Lindsey and David

  5. Farron says:

    Such a beautiful and incredible day that was captured so perfectly in these photos! I can’t thank you enough for making this day so special!

  6. Andrew Eaton says:

    Amazing wicked beautiful . Congrats again and again . Love y’all

  7. Leo and Melissa Jo Eaton says:

    It was such an amazing day! These pictures are perfect! Brittani captured not only beautiful pictures of myself and my family she took the time to photograph meaningful items I wore or carried. My brothers handkerchief that I have had since he past away, my grandmas bracelet that she had as a young girl, my father in laws baby ring! I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer than her. The pictures clearly show that she is great at what she does! Thank you so much Brittani!

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