Tyler and Hilary


A Mount Falcon West and East Engagement

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to know people and spending time with them. I love hearing all about their love story and the time they have spent together. Each story is so unique and genuine to each couple! Tyler and Hilary are the same way. Their love story is so sweet and matches precisely who they are as individuals and a couple. Plus I think we picked the best spots for their engagement session up at Mount Falcon West and East.

Many stories often start with “we met in high school/college” or ” a mutual friend set us up,” but Tyler took the initiative to win Hilary’s heart. Their story is sort of similar to others. They did attend the same High School and College (which is impressive), but because Tyler was a year ahead of Hilary, they didn’t know each other. They do have mutual friends on Social Media, but it was Tyler who took the first step. He started following Hilary on Instagram, and in turn, she followed him back. For the next few weeks, they were liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

Football and Conversations!

It was the Packers and Bears game that pushed them. And the liking and commenting became direct messages and conversations. After the Packers beat the Bears, Tyler directly messaged Hilary. He had to razz her a bit about the Packers winning. Just saying “Hi” was way too boring for Tyler. 🙂

After a little Football banter, they really started to connect. Tyler and Hilary talked for hours every day. What a great way to get to know someone! Their first date was a double date; how adorable is that, Dinner and a Haunted House. What do you do in line for over two hours while waiting to get in…talk, laugh, hold hands, and have a few first kisses 🙂

Before I tell you how Tyler proposed, you have to hear how they speak about each other. They have this beautiful connection and passion for one another that is so amazing to me. In my Bridal questionnaire, to my new couples, I ask, What is your favorite thing about your Soon to be Spouse. Here are the most endearing responses; I get chills when I read them

Hilary says about Tyler:

My favorite thing about Tyler is his passion. He has passion for everything he does and everyone in his life. His passion for me, his family, his friends, his dogs, his likes, his dislikes, and his work all drive him to be the incredible man that he is and make him incredibly attractive to me. Passion breeds success, and it has in our relationship so far, and I can’t wait to marry him and spend my life with him to further both of our passion for each other and the life we are building.

Tyler says about Hilary :

The thing I love most about Hilary is her unwavering and unconditional love. She has the largest heart, and anyone is extremely lucky to be loved by her. Even in the most rocky and uncertain times of our relationship, her love and support were always there. It’s all the little things that she does that are the most important to me. She even makes sure my parent’s dogs have the best food and are never short on treats. I love getting text messages from her that says, “I have a present for you” the present is usually something small, but it makes my heart so happy that she is always thinking about me. Marrying her is the best and easiest decision I’ve ever made

Now for the Proposal

I love it when people incorporate their fur babies into proposals, and that precisely what Tyler did.
On Christmas morning, Tyler got up early, and Hilary thought he was taking care of the dogs and making breakfast. Little did she know until she walked upstairs. As she came upstairs, he told their fur babies to “go get her.” As they headed for their “mama,” Hilary saw them all wearing a bandana, asking her, ” Will you marry my daddy?” Then Hilary looked up to see Tyler on one knee next to the Christmas tree; all lit up. In his hand, he was holding a ring, and he asked her to marry him. With a resounding YES, the rest is history. Or should we say just the beginning!

I am so excited and honored to be Tyler and Hilary’s photographer! I can’t wait to get to know them even more and to photograph their wedding at the Tapestry House in 2021. Their Wedding is going to be stunning!

We love getting to know people like Tyler and Hilary, ready to take that beautiful next step in life. Are you planning a wedding or special event? Let’s Chat! I would love to create the perfect wedding photography package of your dreams!

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