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Garden Room Wedding in Loveland Colorado

When I think about Josh and Brenda, I consider them family! We have known Josh and his family for so many years, and we love them so much. We were all so excited when Josh proposed to Brenda and then again when they set their date for October 10, 2020. The most popular date of the whole year 🙂 We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! It was sunny, warm, and the fall colors were at their peak! After two years of planning, it was time for these two to say I Do at their Garden Room Wedding!

From the time we saw Brenda in the morning getting ready with her bridesmaids to the moment she walked up to Josh for their first look, Brenda was positively glowing! And Josh looked so handsome in his suit with his purple button-down and textured tie.
They are such a gorgeous couple!

A few weeks before the wedding, I made a point to scout out some places for their first look. It had to be unique because, to me, they are unique. Many spots were beautiful, but I knew that was our spot when I came across the Old railroad bridge.

A Unique First Look

On the morning of October 10, It was time for Josh and Brenda’s first look! Josh was in place, and Brenda, in her phenomenal dusty lavender gown, stood waiting to tell Josh to turn around. Brenda took a deep breath, waiting for just a few seconds more, and then called Josh’s name. As he was turning around, I didn’t stop taking photos for a second. We caught every second of their first look. While Brenda had tears in her eyes, Josh was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t take his eyes off his soon to be wife.

We didn’t have one first look this morning; we got the chance for two! A very second first look with Josh’s brother Zach who was officiating their wedding. For months he had us all on edge, telling us he had a special suit for the Ceremony and the Reception. It was an authentic first look for all of us. As Josh and Brenda turned to face the opposite direction, Zach came around the corner, calling their names. Zach stood there in a dazzling, sparkling purple glitter coat. It was everything we thought it could be and more! The best part was there would be one more first look with Zach to reveal the Reception Suit!

Time to say “I DO”

Friends and family gathered at the Garden Room to be part of Josh and Brenda’s big day. Once again, as Brenda walked down the aisle, Josh and everyone else couldn’t take their eyes off Brenda. There were laughs and tears throughout the ceremony. Zach did an excellent job of bringing joy and laughter. When Josh and Brenda exchanged the vows that they wrote for each other, the tears began. Then after waiting and planning for two years, they exchanged their wedding rings and said I DO!

It was time for Zach to officially announce them, Husband and Wife!

The moment had come to… PARTY! But first, another first look with Zach! Remember I said Zach had two suits, one for the ceremony and then the reception one. After seeing Zach’s ceremony suit, I wasn’t sure he could top it, and then came the Giraffes. Josh and Brenda turned around to the full-on outfit… Zach in a jungle print suit with giraffes and a giraffe skin print tie. It was remarkable! Josh and Brenda were all smiles and laughs. What a great way to continue to celebrate their day!

Let’s Dance

As the music was playing, we all enjoyed good food, good company, and lots of good laughs! Little did we know what was in store for their first dance. Josh took Brenda by the hand and led her to the dance floor. Their first dance as Husband and wife was to “I Do Not Love You” by Ron Pope. You have to listen to the lyrics of this song to grasp how emotional and meaningful it is!! As the music seemed to end, Josh started to lead Brenda to her seat but then stopped. And without missing a beat, he busted his own awesome moves to ” I Can Dance” by Jon Lajoie. If you haven’t heard or seen this song, you need to get on youtube right now and check it out. Josh had Brenda on the floor, laughing along with everyone else!! Best Dance Moves Ever!

As the celebration got on its way, everyone was up dancing, having fun, and genuinely enjoying the time to be together. I love capturing those moments that show pure love and joy from family and friends on the wedding day.

We are so lucky and honored to be such a big part of Josh and Brenda’s special day. I am beyond happy for them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

Venue | The Garden Room Loveland Colorado

Dessert Table | Megan Clarine Just Desserts

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