Steve and Marie


Intimate Summer Backyard Wedding

Boulder, Colorado

Have you ever been to a wedding where there was so much love it overwhelmed you with happiness, and you couldn’t help but let the tears stream down your face? Honestly, I am a big softy and cry at all of the weddings that we photograph, but Steve and Marie’s intimate backyard wedding had my heart the whole time. Steve and Marie’s story has had my heart since we met on zoom and then at their engagement session. They have this beautiful connection to their family and friends, and we are so blessed that we got to be a part of that on their wedding day.

Christopher and I were beside ourselves when we arrived at Marie’s family house in Boulder for their wedding. We were expecting rain; we got lots of humidity instead 🙂 and a sprinkle during the ceremony, but we will save that story for a few minutes. When we walked into the backyard, it was like walking into a secret garden. Everything was so green and lush, the flowers were bright, and their wedding decorations, at this time, were covered and protected but were on point!!

Before I ran upstairs to see Marie, she came bustling down the stairs helping to make sure the day was perfect. 🙂 Everyone was telling her to stop working. LOL, it was so sweet seeing her want to set up and make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. Steve had to stay downstairs so he wouldn’t have the chance to run into her before their first look!

We loved seeing both sides of their family coming together to help set up the backyard. It was so heartwarming! And we got to share so many amazing stories with them through the evening.

But first, the first look! We didn’t officially plan a daddy-daughter first look, but it was a perfect opportunity. Marie stood in the entryway dressed and looking stunning; she called her dad. When he came around the corner and saw her standing there, the look on his face was priceless! That was my first set of tears for the evening…trust me, there was LOTS more!!

After that, we set up Steve for their first look in front of the house. With Steves’s back turned, Marie was ready to call his name. With their family peeking through the upstairs bedroom window, Steve turned around to see Marie. We had joked about him practicing his “first look expression,” but pretty sure when he saw her, there were no jokes 🙂 He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her…second time I cried!

We had planned for rain, and so far, we were lucky, so we jumped right into photos! Steve and Marie rented this gorgeous Mint green Old Ford Truck; it’s fitting as Steve’s last name is Ford! We had so much fun taking photos with the truck. As all good things have to pause 🙂 it was time to hide the bride and groom away while their close friends arrived. That was one of my favorite parts about their wedding; the guest list was their most immediate family and friends. It made for such an intimate, memorable day!

Steve’s brother, Kevin, officiated the ceremony. Once again, I cried for the third time during the day! 🙂 From the moment he started, to Steve and Marie reading their vows, saying I do, and then announced Husband and wife, there wasn’t a dry eye or head sitting there. Yep, you guessed it; this was when the rain started! Just a few minutes into their ceremony. Luckily we brought our clear umbrellas, and Zach, one of their closest friends, was like Superman through the day. He had bought a bunch of umbrellas that morning when the weather was calling for rain.
Everyone quickly and quietly, I might add, handed out umbrellas, and we got Steve and Marie covered with the clear umbrellas. It was amazing to see everyone help each other.

In the end, the rain was a sprinkle of love and the rest of their day was truly remarkable! Now my absolute favorite part of their entire day was the toasts! I love hearing the congratulations and affirmations of love during toasts, but I have NO words to describe the endless love, support, and compassion shared during the toast given for Steve and Marie. The Best Man Jeff and Maries Maid of Honor Amber both toasted the couple. I loved how they were so unique and told stories. And then Marie’s dad John spoke, and MAN, I couldn’t hold back the tears. It was Marie’s mom Catherine; her toast made me almost have to step away for a few minutes to compose myself. I was crying like a baby! I think everyone was. She spoke with so much love and compassion; you could feel every word she said in your heart and soul! I have never felt something so powerful during a wedding.

The rest of the evening was filled with laughter, joy, hugs, and precious time together. The last story of the evening once again had me in tears. Maries Omi (grandma) was sitting down watching everyone with the most fantastic smile on her face as the dances were happening. I had Christopher run over to get photos of her, and he took pictures of a very special ring on her finger. It was Omi’s ring she got when she was 21 in 1958. It is still on her finger to this day, and when it is time, her ring will pass down to Marie…ok, that was my last cry of the evening!

We had such an incredible time at Steve and Marie’s wedding. We felt so welcomed and appreciated by every single person there! It was such an incredible feeling and one that we will NEVER forget! Steve and Marie, Congratulations on this next chapter in your life together, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here! We love you both and are so blessed to have been a part of your day. Thank you so much!

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

Florist | Boulder Garden Florist

Videography | Mattie Tarbox

Cake | Lucky’s Bakehouse and Nothing Bundt Cakes

Catering | Front Range Catering

Bride Dress | Halston

Grooms attire | Bonobos

Invitation Suite | Minted

  1. Rose Hulls says:

    What an utterly gorgeous wedding – so full of joy and beauty and the promise of wonderful new beginnings! I was so touched when the two of you, Marie and Steve, made the decision to move to Boulder to be near Marie’s mother when you found out about her illness. It was a very big step for you to take, and it says so much for how you value family. What a wonderful shared value you brought to the vow you made to each other this past Monday, and may this shared value bring you both great happiness in you new life together! Love, Rose

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