Brandon & Elizabete


Wisconsin Summer Wedding

Elkhart Lake, The Shore Club

I was thrilled when Lexi, with Hazy Mountain Media, reached out to see if I could photograph a wedding with her while she was doing video. Then I found out we would be traveling to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and I was ecstatic! I love Colorado weddings, but it is always such an incredible feeling to photograph someone’s wedding in another state. Of course, I was on board. So we set up a zoom meeting with Brandon and Elizabete. When I first met Brandon and Elizabete on our call, I fell in love with them right away! Between their positive attitudes, cheerfulness, and genuine kindness, they are just downright fantastic! But what is most incredible about this delightful pair is their love for their family and culture!

Brandon and Elizabete’s Love Story

Brandon and Elizabete’s love story is like a great romantic novel that you can’t stop reading! Their relationship started with an interest in learning foreign languages. Elizabete was always fascinated with English, and Brandon was convinced into learning Portuguese by friends that wanted to travel to Brazil. He continued studying Portuguese for five years, not knowing when we would use it.

Que Elizabete…when Brandon put Portuguese on his Instagram as a language he knew, Elizabete took notice! Five thousand miles away from each other, though, can be difficult. Yet after Elizabete got back to São Paulo from visiting her grandfather, Brandon made an effort to reconnect. When Elizabete was able to make it to the US for a quick six-day trip, Brandon knew the time had come to propose. In November 2019, they took a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum, where Brandon got on one knee and said, “Não consigo imaginar a vida sem você. Elizabete Teixeira… Te casarás conmigo?” At that moment, those Portuguese lessons paid off! I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to help document their special day, and now I can’t wait to share all the highlights with you!

Romantic Summer Wedding in Wisconsin

Come Rain or Shine Elizabete and Brandon were going to say their vows at The Shore Club on Elkhart Lake. Even though their ceremony location changed due to rainy weather, they both were glowing and smiling from ear to ear. Due to Covid Elizabetes family could not travel from Brazil, but they live-streamed the whole ceremony for everyone! And when Elizabete’s soon to be Father in Law escorted her down the aisle, NO one could take their eyes off of her. She looked positively radiant in her lace beaded mermaid bottom wedding gown made just for her by Fabio, a Brazillian dressmaker. Their ceremony was unique; from their scripture readings to their vows, everything was in English and Portuguese. I have to say, though, my favorite part was right after the ceremony when Elizabete and Brandon stood in front of the camera, and they got to talk to their family in Brazil. Watching Elizabete tear up brought tears to my eyes as well. It was such a beautiful moment watching everyone’s reactions, and even though I don’t speak Portuguese, you could feel the strong connections and love from her family.

Even though I had to pry them away for photos in between rain showers, the rest of their day was spent with their closest family and friends here in the United States. From the time spent getting ready for their day to the moment, they shared their special first dance ( which, by the way, was SOOOO much fun to watch), everyone showered them with love.

One of my truest joys, though, is preserving how beautifully a couple is loved by their family and closest friends on their wedding day. With so much help from everyone to make this the best possible day for Brandon and Elizabete, they were surrounded by love. It’s weddings like this that make me love what I do.

As Brandon and Elizabete celebrated the best day of their lives with many of the people they love most, I couldn’t help but share in their joy as I clicked away with my camera. Congratulations, Brandon and Elizabete. You both are so wonderful and caring. Thank you for making me feel welcomed, appreciated, and loved during my time with you. I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life and can’t wait to continue following your story and staying in touch!

We love meeting and capturing amazing couples love stories like Brandon and Elizabete! Let’s Chat and see how we can help make your wedding photography dreams come true!

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