Tyler & Pennie


Gorgeous Fall Engagement Session

Sloans Lake & Society Bar

I have lived here in Colorado for 25+ years, been to Sloans Lake a ton of times, and yet I have never had a photo session there. Crazy Right!!
Who better to be our first there than Tyler and Pennie!

When we got to Sloans Lake, we were thrilled because the fall colors were popping, there were leaves on the ground, the weather was perfect, and we had the BEST company 🙂 Christopher and I loved our time with these two. Not only were we in a gorgeous spot, but Tyler and Pennie were so much fun to be around. I think we were laughing more than we were taking photos 🙂

Engagement Sessions are one of our favorite things because we love getting to know our couples. We learn so much about them during this time and really get to connect. Pennie is an office manager at a law firm and working towards her law degree. Tyler is a Delivery Lead for Mollies, plus they have the cutest little fur baby, Eleven, who will also be in the wedding. Wait till you see pics of her. SO CUTE!!!

Tyler & Pennies Love Story

Tyler and Pennie have the cutest story. They met online in 2014, with Tyler taking the lead and reaching out to Pennie first. After some time talking they met in person and from then on their weekends belonged to each other. Their first date total gets me; it’s so freaking cute. They went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. Tyler showed up with pockets full of Pennie’s favorite candies, peanut butter cups, and pink starburst. The sweet thing about this is…One, he knows her favorite candy, and two, he had to handpick the pink starbursts out because this was before the Pink Starburst pack had even come out. SO SWEET!

After two years of “long-distance dating” in Iowa, they called it and moved in with each other. Now seven years together, they are Engaged and lucky for us here in Colorado, WOOHOO!!!

The Proposal or a True Crime…?

For their seventh anniversary, Tyler took Pennie up to Idaho Springs here in Colorado. After grabbing groceries, they headed back to their room. Something wasn’t quite right. Pennie found a hidden camera that had been recording for 13 minutes. Freaked out and thinking they would be the newest True Crimes Podcast, Tyler dropped down on one knee and asked, ” Are you ready to spend forever with me silly”?
Then all of their friends jumped out to surprise her.

Obviously, Pennie said yes because here they are now, taking engagement photos. We are so excited to be their photographers and can’t wait to head to Iowa next year to capture their fantastic day!

We adore you, Tyler, and Pennie! Christopher and I can’t wait to spend more time getting to know you, and we are just so grateful that you picked us and excited to call you friends!!

Check out some of our favorites from our time with them. We love you both, and you ROCKED your session!!!!

Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography

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  1. Aunt Vicki says:

    Each and every one of these pics are AWESOME. I DON’t know how you’ll be able to just choose a few. Really cool that they’re doing the wedding, too. So excited for you both! Love you!!

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