Jeremy & Alyssa


Wintery Engagement Session

Clear Creek History Park, Golden Colorado

I love photographing our couples Engagement sessions! It’s so fun having that time to get to know them and connect. I adored Alyssa from the first time I met her with her family at Chilis, and then I met Jeremy, and Oh my gosh, I love them both so much! They are so much fun and have the greatest “let’s do it” attitude. We headed up to the Clear Creek History Park in Golden, Colorado, where we had perfect weather, snow on the ground, and even some background music from the festival just a block away.

From Working together to Falling in Love

Jeremy and Alyssa have such a cute love story. From them Working together at the same company, Alyssa’s mom talking about how great Jeremy is and them spending time together. It just seems that everything was aligned perfectly for Jeremy and Alyssa to fall in love. I think we were meant to do their engagement session in Golden. Jeremy and Alyssa love going to breweries, festivals, and mountain trips, and the Ullr Grass Festival was happening just a few blocks away while we took photos.

A Most Uniqure Proposal

On March 6th, 2021, something big would happen, and Jeremy had it all planned out! I love their proposal story 🙂 He popped the question in the most unique way. They love playing Dungeons and Dragons; this is why this proposal is perfect. Jeremy had their Game master write the proposal into the game. How creative is that 🙂 I LOVE IT. So surrounded by their closest friends and in the first home Jeremy and Alyssa bought together, playing a game they love, Jeremy proposed Dungeons and Dragons style.

One of my favorite questions to ask our sweet couples is, ” what is your favorite thing about your soon-to-be husband/wife”? I can’t help but share their answers here because they are so heartfelt; it made me tear up!

Alyssa said, “My favorite thing about Jeremy is his dedication, his humor, how big his heart is, and how fiercely he loves. I also love that he is such a great friend and how logical he is because I definitely am the more emotional one.”

Jeremy said, “My favorite thing about Alyssa is her patience and how she always tries to see the best in people. She gets along with everyone she runs into, and she has helped me become more emotionally intelligent. She is the yin to my yang.”

How amazing are they!!! Jeremy and Alyssa, I can’t say it enough…I absolutely adore you!! We are so thrilled to be able to capture your love and celebrate you on your wedding day! It’s going to be fantastic, and we can’t wait to be there to photograph all the love and joy that’s going to surround you!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time in Golden!

Engaged? Soon to be Engaged? We love getting the chance to have fun, hang out and photograph amazing couples. Let us help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so on your wedding day you have nothing to worry about! Drop us a message! We’d love to meet you

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