Gaaron & Sarah


Wintery Garden of the Gods Elopement

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Weather is usually unpredictable; they call for snow, and then it’s sunny. They say sun, and then it snows 2 feet. This time though, they got the weather spot on! COLD COLD COLD!! It was worth it to spend the evening celebrating Gaaron and Sarah’s elopement. Garden of the Gods is gorgeous any time of the year, but there was something magical about it yesterday with the snow. It was breathtaking. Sarah wanted it to snow, and she definitely got her wish 🙂

Red Leg, Legos, and Igloos OH MY!

Since Gaaron and Sarah met at a brewery in San Diego, it was only fitting to start their elopement at a brewery here in Colorado. We met at this excellent new Brewery in Colorado Springs, the Red Leg. Everyone there was beyond nice! They all were so happy and accommodating. I love that we could use so many areas at the Brewery for photos. Gaaron and Sarah were game for anything, which was awesome! While at the Brewery, they let us use one of their outdoor igloos. Thank heavens for space heaters! It made the inside of the igloo a bit warmer. I knew I loved them from the first time I talked with Gaaron and Sarah on zoom, but they now have a special place in my heart because of Legos. Sarah brought her “flowers” with her, and they were fabulous red-lego roses. I have some at home as well 🙂 And then, when we were in the igloo, we set up their cupcakes with their cake toppers which were a Lego Bride and Groom. They also made a little lego sign with their date on it. I was nerding out just a little bit 🙂

Beautiful Views, Snow and Cold

After hanging out at the Brewery, we headed to the Cathedral Spires at Garden of the Gods. We met up with their friend Brad and his family, and Brad was officiating. We found our way to the Spires and picked a beautiful spot, trying to shelter from the wind and snow. Brad’s comments and scripture passages he would be sending Gaaron and Sarah ( it was way too cold to read them ) were perfect and beautiful. Even though he was shivering, he still blessed them in such a beautiful way. Many couples do a particular activity like a unity candle, sand ceremony, etc., but Gaaron and Sarah made theirs unique and fitting to them. Instead of a sand ceremony, they had a Lego ceremony! Three colors, green, black and orange. Brad poured in the green legos, then Gaaron and Sarah poured in the black and orange ones. It was such a terrific way to show their love together. From vows to rings and then I do’s, Brad pronounced them husband and wife. With icicles in his beard, Gaaron kissed his beautiful bride.

Gaaron and Sarah were such amazing troopers, especially when they aren’t used to the cold frigid weather Colorado threw at us! We got some fantastic photos at the Spires and then at High Point as well. It indeed was a gorgeous, magical evening. I am so thrilled that I got to be a part of their day…I even got to hand the rings to Brad at the ceremony. WOOHOO!!

Gaaron and Sarah, I am so grateful that you chose me to capture your special day, and one I am sure you will never forget. I know I will never forget it, and you officially hold the title for my coldest wedding 🙂 Everything was so beautiful and unique, and I want you to know I adore you both and had a great time celebrating with you! Hopefully, you will get some lovely sunny warm days before you leave Colorado.

We love meeting new people and capturing love stories like Gaaron and Sarahs. We would love to chat with you about capturing your love story if and when you are planning your special day.

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