Brenden & Amanda


Colorado Spring Engagement

Golden Clear Creek History Park and Lookout Mountain

Brenden and Amanda connected with me through their wedding venue Lionsgate Event Center, which is fantastic because it’s one of my favorite venues! When we were able to have our first zoom meeting, I was captivated by them because they are so kind and adorable. Then we met in person for their engagement session, and I would have never guessed how playful and charming they really are. But what is most incredible about this pair is undeniably the love they have for each other. So, as we prepared for their Golden and Lookout Mountain engagement session, I grew more excited by the day to spend time with them and document their captivating love story.

Their Love Story Begins

What do friends, burgers, and bowling have in common with Brenden and Amanda? It’s really where their love story begins. After a year of working together and Amanda crushing hard on Brenden, his sister and a friend convinced Amanda to ask Brenden on a date. And he made an incredible decision, he said Yes! They spent their first date bowling, laughing, and falling while bowling 🙂 and ended or should I say began the night talking at IHOP. I l adore their love story; there is something so warmhearted about it that makes me smile!

Just like their love story, the proposal is just as tender. Instead of going out for a steak dinner on Valentine’s Day 2021, they made their steak dinner at home, together 🙂 So simple and so romantic. No Valentine would be a success without a delicious plate of chocolate-covered strawberries. However, Amanda’s dessert came with a surprise. On one knee, holding a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and the engagement ring they picked out together a year before, Brenden asked Amanda to marry him. With a resounding, of course, Brenden and Amanda took the night to relax and enjoy their moment together.

My Favorite Thing

One of my favorite questions I ask all of our couples is, What is your favorite thing about your soon-to-be husband or wife… Amanda and Brenden’s answers were so heartwarming.

Amanda’s Answer: “my favorite thing about Brenden is how patient and understanding he is. He always listens to me and my feelings, even when my anxieties kick in and I am stressing over the smallest things. He is so caring and hardworking, and he is the strongest person I have ever met. I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Brenden’s Answer: “My favorite thing about Amanda is that she is the sweetest, funniest, and most caring person I have met. She knows what she wants in life and works hard to achieve her dreams. I am so proud to be marrying her.”

We are so grateful to be able to capture Brenden and Amanda’s love; it’s so genuinely sweet, kind, and tender. We can’t wait until their wedding day to celebrate and create everlasting memories for them.

Congratulations on your engagement, you two! I hope the rest of your wedding planning experience is effortless and filled with joy!

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