Tyler & Darcy


Country Spring Wedding at Ellis Ranch

Loveland Colorado

May 20th 2023

Every wedding day is uniquely beautiful, but as a wedding photographer, some celebrations stick out in my memory in a particular way. Tyler and Darcy’s Country wedding at Ellis Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, was memorable and unforgettable. The rustic charm of the ranch, combined with the beautiful countryside setting, made for the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Getting Ready!

Where to begin? The bride was radiant from the moment she arrived, but the way Kym Carter styled Darcy’s hair into a lovely bun that looked like a flower was beautifully created. Her bridesmaids couldn’t stop smiling when she slipped into her custom gown to complete the look. Their smiles were infectious, and it was clear that they were excited for the special day ahead. Moments like this make the pre-ceremony moments some of my favorites on a wedding day! The countryside’s natural beauty only added to the magic of the occasion as we took pre-wedding photos.

Tyler and his buddies had a blast preparing for the wedding festivities at the groom’s rustic cabin. The beautiful surroundings made for fun and playful photos as they kicked back with some cold beers and enjoyed each other’s company. You could feel their excitement for the big day building, and it was clear they were looking forward to making unforgettable memories. The laid-back atmosphere of the cabin only added to their anticipation for the upcoming ceremony.

Let’s Get Married

The wedding party was filled with eager anticipation as Tyler and Darcy’s ceremony was about to begin. The gentle melody of music in the background set a peaceful tone. As Tyler took his spot at the alter, his eyes lit up with immense joy as he caught sight of his stunning bride, making her way down the aisle towards him. The exchange of vows and rings was a moment of pure magic that radiated love and happiness throughout the entire ranch. It was an unforgettable experience, surrounded by their dearest family and friends.

Time for Family and Friends

After the ceremony, everyone gathered inside to enjoy drinks and be together. The tables were adorned with stunning centerpieces that Darcy had lovingly crafted. The country boho theme was on full display, with vibrant splashes of turquoise, brown, gold and feathers. It was a lovely and charming atmosphere, and everyone enjoyed the company of one another while enjoying the delicious smells of the food and cake.

The food and desserts at the ceremony were absolutely fantastic. Fuzzy Tacos provided mouthwatering tacos that were a hit with everyone. The Cake and Cow Cupcakes by Lisa Seidling were stunning and smelled incredible. I couldn’t resist stopping to admire them every time I walked by. They looked and tasted absolutely delicious.

The reception was a blast! Seeing everyone mingling and chatting was so heartwarming. DJ Brandon from Suit & Tie knew how to start the party. He played all the best songs, and watching him get out on the dance floor was amazing. From the Grand March to when Tyler took his Grandmas hand to dance with her, there was so much joy and love in the air, and we couldn’t help but join in on the fun as we captured all the memories with our camera. When the evening ended, Tyler and Darcy took to the dance floor one last time for a special private moment before heading outside to a pretty impressive tunnel of family and friends waving giant colored lights sticks. It was indeed a night to remember!

Having family and friends together can turn a heartfelt celebration into one that’s impossible to forget, and that’s definitely what happened on Tyler and Darcy’s wedding day. We are so impressed by how many friends and family joined the happy couple to congratulate and celebrate with them.

Tyler and Darcy, we are beyond grateful we were invited to be a part of your wedding day and got to document it all! Congratulations, We know your marriage will be just as beautiful as the day it began!

Photography | Brittani Chin Photography

Venue | Ellis Ranch Wedding Event Center

Officiant | Tony Seilding

DJ | Brandon Harrington at Suit & Tie

Catering | Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Cake and Cupcakes | Lisa Seidling at Cake Works

Brides Hair | Kym Carter

Are you planning a wedding day celebration with any of these fantastic vendors? You better believe We’d love the chance to work with them again! Say hello, so we can get your wedding day on our calendar!

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