Corey & Dana


Colorado Summer Evening Engagement

Lookout Mountain, Golden Colorado

Corey and Dana’s engagement session on Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado, was a rollercoaster of weather surprises, laughter, and some seriously heartwarming moments. Between unexpected rain, laughing, and breathtaking views, we had a phenomenal time. So, get cozy, and let’s dive into the heartwarming journey of Corey and Dana!

A Rainy Start and Clear Skies of Love

As the golden hour sunlight painted the picturesque backdrop of Lookout Mountain, Corey, and Dana’s engagement session kicked off with a sprinkle of adventure—literally! Mother Nature decided to play a little trick on us, sending a “gentle” rain shower our way. But you know what they say: rain on your engagement session day is just a sign of good luck, and Corey and Dana embraced it with open arms and joyful laughter.

As the rain began, we hopped back into our cars, keeping our fingers crossed it would pass soon. When we thought the rain was here to stay, the skies decided to play nice, revealing a canvas of blue and a sun that seemed to be cheering them on.

From Hinge Connection to Everlasting Love

Let’s rewind a bit and take a sneak peek into the heartwarming beginning of Corey and Dana’s love story. These two amazing people crossed paths on Hinge, and let’s just say Dana made the first move with a message that sparked a connection too strong to ignore. Little did they know, their conversation would lead to an unforgettable first date at Machete Tacos on December 18, 2020. That evening marked the start of a delicious journey of love, tacos, and endless smiles.

Celebrating What Makes Them Special

Corey and Dana’s love for each other is palpable, and their personalities shine bright like the Colorado sun. Dana adores Corey’s big heart and remarkable ability to make strangers feel like friends. His goofy jokes and contagious smile have a way of lighting up any room they walk into. On the other hand, Corey is smitten by Dana’s compassion, not just for those close to her but also for strangers she encounters on her journey. Her dedication to her business and self-improvement is both inspiring and infectious. And let’s not forget about the fun-loving spirit that Dana brings to every adventure, reminding us all to embrace life’s joys.

A Sunset of Promises and Love

Corey and Dana’s engagement session reached its crescendo as the sun dipped below the mountains, casting a warm and golden glow across the landscape. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, love, and anticipation of a promising future together. The picturesque sunset reflected the radiant bond these two share—one that’s ready to conquer whatever challenges life may throw their way.

Corey and Dana, your love story is a beautiful testament to the power of connection and the joy of embarking on life’s adventures together. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible journey and capture the essence of your relationship on Lookout Mountain. Your laughter, love, and willingness to embrace unexpected rain showers (literally and metaphorically!) made this engagement session one for the books. I can’t wait to capture the next adventure in your love story…your wedding day next year at Lionsgate Event Center. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!!

Are you engaged? Planning your storybook wedding? We would love to chat with you and help create the story of your love through our images! Let’s connect soon!

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