Ben & Jaime


A Magical Journey and Engagement

In-N-Out and Highlands Ranch Mansion Colorado Engagement

What do you get when you have romantic energy and fun-loving personalities…Ben and Jaimes Engagement Session!! I was thrilled when Jaime, Ben, and I first chatted about their vision for their engagement session. Who could resist a fun elopey feel at In-N-Out and then a fairytale romance at Highlands Ranch Mansion? Their sweet love story is all about two souls who crossed paths and fell head over heels in love, and I am honored that we get to be there with them to tell this story!

The Meet-Cute

Ben and Jaime’s love story began with a dash of fate. They grew up mere streets apart, attending the same schools. Yet, it was in their high school and college years that their paths truly converged. Jaime had always harbored a crush on Ben, but she was the shy one, and he was the life of the party. It wasn’t until they hung out one day that their connection sparked into a wildfire of conversation. For someone as shy as Jaime, this was a clear sign that something magical was happening. But life had other plans, and she soon moved to Idaho

Distance, however, couldn’t diminish their feelings for each other. They continued talking throughout the year Jaime was away, and it’s true what they say: distance makes the heart grow fonder. Jaime returned home to pursue hair school, and their love rekindled. On April Fools’ Day, Ben finally asked Jaime to be his girlfriend; the rest is history. Today, they’ve been together for over five years and are each other’s best friends.

The Dreamy Proposal

For Jaime, Disney was the ultimate happy place. The couple embarked on a magical journey to Disney World in Florida in February. Little did Jaime know that this trip would forever change her life. In front of Cinderella’s iconic castle, Ben dropped down on one knee and asked the most important question of his life. Of course, Jaime said yes, and their engagement journey began amidst the enchantment of Disney

My Favorite Things

Jaime adores Ben for his charisma – he can strike up a conversation with anyone and leave them with a smile. His heart and genuine caring nature are qualities that have stolen her heart, not to mention that irresistible smile of his.

Ben, on the other hand, treasures Jaime for her unwavering support. He knows he can confide in her about anything, and she has a magical ability to make him laugh and smile even on the gloomiest days.

Engagement Session Extravaganza

To capture the essence of their vibrant love story, we embarked on an engagement session that perfectly reflected Ben and Jaime’s personalities. Our adventure began at In-N-Out, where we savored delicious Double Doubles and fries. The playfulness and laughter filled the air as we snapped candid moments of this dynamic duo.

From there, we headed to the picturesque Highlands Ranch Mansion. The evening was sprinkled with a bit of rain, which only added to the romance. We ran around the mansion’s beautiful grounds, capturing the pure joy and love that Ben and Jaime share. To top it all off, a breathtaking sunset painted the sky, perfectly mirroring the beauty of this couple’s love story.

Ben and Jaime’s engagement session was nothing short of magical, just like their love story. I’m beyond excited to be a part of their journey as their wedding photographer, and I can’t wait to capture the moments that will lead them to their “happily ever after.”

We can’t wait for August 3, 2024, to celebrate Ben and Jaime and capture all of the fun and joy on their wedding day at Lionsgate Event Center.

Finding the right photographer for you is so important! We would love to be the ones who capture your love story and tell your tale. Let’s chat and see if we are the perfect fit!! Can’t wait to chat 🙂

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