Justin & Kayleigh


Fall Morning Engagement at Roxborough State Park

Littleton, Colorado

You never know what weather you will get on a November fall morning in Colorado. We got so lucky!!! I’m incredibly delighted to share Kayleigh and Justin’s fall morning engagement session and their love story at the picturesque Roxborough State Park in Littleton, Colorado. Christopher and I had so much fun with them, and we couldn’t stop laughing all morning. Their love story is filled with playfulness, laughter, and a touch of romance, but what sets Kayleigh and Justin apart is their genuine and profound connection.

Their journey began in this digital age of dating, with the unlikely matchmaker being none other than Bumble. Kayleigh, the bold one in this duo, initiated their connection with a playful wave in the form of a goofy GIF. Their first date on January 26th, 2022, led them to the Lake House Tavern in Littleton, where they bonded over cheese curds and endless conversation. ( let’s be honest; who doesn’t love cheese curds?) Their connection was so strong that they decided to extend the date with a detour to a local dive bar for some darts and more laughs.

Fast forward to the proposal, where Justin had a heartwarming surprise in store. After a delightful French cooking class, they returned home, and just as they entered, Justin dropped to one knee and asked the most important question. Kayleigh’s hysterical tears of joy 🙂 were eventually followed by a resounding ‘yes,’ they celebrated with a cozy movie night.

Fast forward to today, as we dive into their engagement session at a place both Justin and Kayleigh love: Roxborough State Park. It was a stunning experience. The morning weather was perfect, painting the sky with a beautiful backdrop. The park’s majestic scenery provided a breathtaking setting for Kayleigh and Justin. Their playful, friendly personalities shone through; every moment spent with them was truly enjoyable.

As we captured these fun and unforgettable moments with Justin and Kayleigh, it became evident that their wedding in September 2024 at the Evergreen Red Barn, Colorado, will be a celebration of love, and I am certain we can expect more of their playful side as well which we love about them. We can’t wait to be part of their special day and capture the magic that’s sure to unfold.

Kayleigh and Justin, thank you for letting us witness your genuine, playful love. Your journey is filled with laughter and, most importantly, love! We are eager to document the joy that your wedding day will undoubtedly bring.

We love meeting, and getting to know fun-loving couples like Justin and Kayleigh. Capturing love stories is our passion and we want to help create the perfect story for you. Are you engaged or soon to be engaged? We’d love to chat and see how we can create your perfect wedding photography package!

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