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Astonishing Fall Engagement Session at Highlands Ranch Mansion

Highland Ranch Mansion, Highland Ranch Colorado

Fall in Colorado is one of the most beautiful times of year for photos! The mountains glow, the sunset sets everything with gold, and the cool air refreshes you. So, to say that Nathen and Kendra’s engagement session was anything less than phenomenal would be crazy. I am thrilled to share their incredible love story, a journey as sweet as a Southern serenade and as adventurous as a beachside proposal.

Picture this: a country dancing bar in the heart of Corpus Christi, Texas, where the stars aligned to unite two souls. Kendra had the privilege of visiting a friend’s beach house while Nathen was stationed in the Coast Guard nearby. Fate took its course when her friend, feeling a little matchmaker in the making, approached one of Nathen’s buddies and asked him to dance. The magic happened when Nathen, with a heart full of courage, asked Kendra to two-step, even though she says her dancing skills were questionable at best (She tried her best, folks, she really did!). We shared an evening of laughter and danced the night away.

The story didn’t end there. The next day, Nathen and Kendra decided to continue their beachside adventure. For the next two months, they couldn’t stop Facetiming and texting. Their connection was undeniable, so they decided to try the long-distance thing. A few months later, Nathen was stationed in New Orleans for two years. Their hearts danced closer together on the weekends. Jump to January 2022, and Nathen retired from the Coast Guard. He moved to Auburn, and together, Nathen & Kendra embarked on a new chapter, making Houston their official home in March of that year.

Fast forward to July 2022, and Nathen & Kendra’s love story took an even more magical turn. They were in Gulf Shores, AL, enjoying a family vacation by the sea. Little did Kendra know, Nathen was plotting one of the most significant moments of their lives. He proposed during a family photo session on the beach, but beforehand, Kendra couldn’t help but notice his odd behavior – fidgeting in the sand, playing with blades of grass, and stealing glances at her. But then it happened: he popped the question! It was an unforgettable, utterly special moment in a stunning location. Their love story soared to new heights, and they couldn’t have been happier.

We are so excited. Let’s talk about Nathen and Kendra’s engagement session at Highlands Ranch Mansion in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Trust me when I say Nathen and Kendra are the real deal. They exude positivity and are up for any adventure, which made our time together truly memorable. Even with a bustling crowd on the grounds, we all worked our magic to capture their love in every frame.

As we roamed the picturesque Highlands Ranch Mansion, the laughter was infectious, and the chemistry was undeniable. We even captured the picturesque Colorado mountains at sunset with a bit of “champagne” pop. Nathen and Kendra’s love story is one for the books, and we are positively thrilled to be a part of their journey.

The best thing is that our time with Nathen and Kendra is just starting! We are counting down the days to their wedding, set for June 2024 at the magnificent Lionsgate Event Center

. We can’t wait to capture the magic that will undoubtedly unfold on that special day.

So, here’s to Nathen and Kendra, a couple whose love is as sweet as a country song, as adventurous as a beachside proposal, and as timeless as a love story written in the stars. Until their wedding day, Nathen and Kendra, keep dancing, laughing, and loving with all your hearts! β€οΈπŸ“ΈπŸ’

Nathen and Kendra are so amazing and we love getting to tell genuine love stories like theirs. If you are engaged or soon to be engaged we would love to chat with you and learn what we can do to help you tell your love story through our lens. Let’s Chat

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