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On the bright morning of June 21, 2019, Britton and Breawna woke up to the beginning of the Biggest Adventure of their lives, their Wedding Day. Family and Friends gathered outside of the Denver Latter Day Saint Temple, ready to celebrate with Britton and Breawna as they stepped out of the Temple as Husband and Wife. The hoorays and love were unconditional, and you could feel the joy through the air that all of their family felt for them!  

While we had sun, blue skies, and a few clouds we the weather looked clear. Denver news channels said no rain in the forecast till 4 pm, so we were ready to take photos. We took some fun group photos with everyone that joined them at the Temple. Certainly, Colorado had other plans! The skies opened up at noon and rain poured down. Usually, the storm could be seen as something to ruin a Bride and Grooms day. However, not these two beautiful and in love people.

Braving the Storm

We braved the rain with quick steps and clear umbrellas. Therefore we made sure to get those iconic Temple photos first. They were such Troopers and so sweet to each.

I was in Heaven photographing these two. Britton was helping to hold up Breawna’s dress. Their loving glances gave the unmistakable reassurance that everything was going to be ok. We have to remember that rain on a wedding day means cleansing to start fresh and new, good luck, and in some cultures, even fertility. 

From the beginning, I loved the Breawnas vision for their wedding and reception; it was vintage romance and fit them both so well. Amanda, her wedding coordinator, did such a fantastic job turning the old church building gym into a Beautiful and Romantic spot.

Britton and Breawna were ready to celebrate with their friends and family. Amanda crafted these adorable sewing hoops to decorate the walls, soft lights, sheer drapes, and vines helped to soften the room as well. The added touches of old suitcases, pearls, florals, and vintage decor just made everything come together beautifully. 

Time to Party!

Britton and Breawna’s reception was so laid back, plus being surrounded by beautiful people is always great! I loved watching the family get up and dance, and all the children were joining in the festivities and celebrations. During the dances, many looked on with tears in their eyes and love in their hearts; you can feel the love and joy gliding through the air. 

As the evening came to an end, Britton and Breawna were excited to hug all their family and friends and thank them for coming. Finally, they were both ready to head out to start their journey as Husband and Wife. It was time to get ready to enjoy their first Adventure together to Japan for their Honeymoon.

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