Thinking Outside of the Box…A Cake Tasting Date Night Picnic

A Cake tasting Picnic Why not plan a Cake Tasting Picnic Date Night? During this crazy time in our world, we continue to forge new ways of thinking outside the box! Everything right now looks different. Engagements, going to school, work, planning a wedding it’s all changed in some way for now. Sometimes we get […]

July 30, 2020


Cake Tasting Picnic

Boston & Kyla | Engaged

They always say the Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways! I have to say I 100% believe it! When Liz, Kyla’s Best friend, posted on Facebook that they needed a photographer, I didn’t hesitate one second to give my information. I was hopeful that they would choose me. But with so many other talented […]


June 10, 2020

Nate & Teresa | Engaged!

What can I say, except that Nate and Teresa are positively adorable! When Nate first reached out to me and told me I had photographed his brother’s wedding. I knew right away; I wanted to be their photographer! The Harris Family is Fantastic and I just love them. They have such high spirits, personalities, and […]

June 7, 2020


Nate and Teresa's Engagement Session at Varsity Bridge in Boulder Colorado

Josh and Brenda | Engaged

Exciting Spring Engagement in Fort Collins Colorado Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography If someone told you that you would meet the ONE, the amazing person you were going to marry, in Middle School, would you believe them? I don’t think Josh and Brenda would have either. Here we are years later and guess whos getting MARRIED…:)  […]


March 4, 2020

Josh and Brendas Engagement Session in Fort Collins at the Oval

Christopher Popped the Question

Our Love Story of Crossing Borders Continues When I came home from my Canada adventure, Christopher followed a month later. He plotted with my mom to come down for Christmas and surprise me. December 21st, 2006, the Holiday Blizzard. It dropped 30 inches of snow and shut down Denver International Airport. Unfortunately leaving upwards of 40,000 […]

February 29, 2020

Chin Family

Engagement photos at the Ice Castle on Lake Louise Alberta Canada in Winter

Rob and Crystal | Engaged

Family Fall Engagement at Clear Creek History Park Golden Colorado Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography When Rob took the first bite of the tortellini soup Crystal had made, I don’t think either one of them had any idea of the fantastic and beautiful adventure that was about to begin. Soup is what brought these two […]


February 11, 2020

Crystal and Robs Engagement and Family photo session in Golden Colorado at Clear Creek History Park

Josh and Kianna | Engaged

Exciting Engagement Session at Clear Creek History Park Golden Colorado Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography What word do you use when describing an adorably cute couple, who love to spend as much time together as possible…Inseparable, Josh and Kianna are just that! This delightful couple has captured my heart! The way that they interact together reminds […]

January 30, 2020


Josh and Kiannas Engagement Session in Golden Colorado

Ethan & Sabrina | Engaged!

Winter Wonderland Engagement at Belmar Park, Lakewood Colorado Photographer | Brittani Chin Photography Have you ever noticed how sometimes things just always seem to work out! One of the things I absolutely love is when you get to watch 2 people grow and mature over the years and then find each other. I have known […]


January 28, 2020

Ethan and Sabrinas Engagements Session at Belmar Park in Lakewood Colorado

Justin & Brittany | Engaged

A Breckenridge Engagement This is one of those love stories that you think…WOW, What a small world. I am lucky enough to be Justin’s Aunt, so I have the pleasure to have watched him grow up his whole life. He was my quiet little nephew who made friends easily and liked everyone. Brittany was a […]

January 16, 2020


Fall Engagement in Breckenridge Colorado

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